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As a medical drama, Breaking Bad is pretty great, says one practicing MD (this cancer patient agrees)

At Slate, Haider Javed Warraich writes about how awesome "Breaking Bad" is from the perspective of a guy who's a practicing resident in internal medicine at Harvard.

"If Walt had received aggressive social support early on," asks Warraich, "Would it have helped him cope better with his diagnosis and averted his foray into the 'empire business'?"

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Waffle Falling Over (Breaking Bad)

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'Breaking Bad,' Season 5, Episode 13, 'To'hajiilee': review

Spoilers. Kevin McFarland reviews the fifth of Breaking Bad‘s final eight episodes, in which Walter White is caught between a rock and a hard place. Catch up on previous episodes in our Boing Boing “Breaking Bad” archives.

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'Breaking Bad,' Season 5, Episode 12, 'Rabid Dog': review

Spoilers. Kevin McFarland reviews the fourth of Breaking Bad‘s final eight episodes, in which W.W. reassesses the values of the pieces on his game board.

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Dean Norris ('Hank') spoils 'Breaking Bad' ending (okay not really)

In this short from Funny or Die, actor Dean Norris, who plays 'Hank' on 'Breaking Bad,' walks us through an unlikely but possible ending for the hit show.

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Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul (Jesse) on The Price is Right, 1998

"Where's my money, bitch?" Haha just kidding. [Video Link], via the BBS thread for this audition tape that recently surfaced. This game show clip first made the rounds in 2012: Paul looks very young, and Bob Barker was still the host--Boing Boing pal Drew Carey took over in 2007.

Catch up with Breaking Bad episode recaps and related internet ephemera in our Breaking Bad archives.

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Breaking down the science in Breaking Bad

PBS NewsHour's Jenny Marder has a cool roundup of videos and posts related to the science in AMC's hit drama series Breaking Bad. One of them is Boing Boing's own "Top Chemistry Moments"!

Aaron Paul's 'Jesse' audition tape for Breaking Bad

Video Link of a snip from actor Aaron Paul's audition tape for Breaking Bad, probably from 2007? The scene he's performing here ended up being part of the Season One introduction to characters Jesse Pinkman and Walter White (2008).

Don't miss the latest episode recap on Boing Boing, right here (spoilers!).

'Breaking Bad,' Season 5, Episode 11, 'Confessions': review

Spoilers. Kevin McFarland reviews the third of Breaking Bad‘s final eight episodes, in which consequences loom ever-closer over W.W. and his empire.

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People give Breaking Bad's Anna Gunn tons of crap for being the actor who plays Skyler White

"My character, to judge from the popularity of Web sites and Facebook pages devoted to hating her, has become a flash point for many people’s feelings about strong, nonsubmissive, ill-treated women. As the hatred of Skyler blurred into loathing for me as a person, I saw glimpses of an anger that, at first, simply bewildered me." From "I have a character issue," by Anna Gunn in the New York Times.

About that dude behind the epic Breaking Bad mustache

Last night's episode of Breaking Bad was packed with great acting, great landscapes and twists and turns, but "one extra stole the show," according to Newscastic. Robert Sanchez, on-screen for 15 seconds with no dialogue, had an epic mustache that "Puts Tom Selleck’s mustache to shame and makes Hulk Hogan’s mustache beg for mercy. The actor has, no joke, award-winning facial hair."

The chemistry behind Walter White's famous meth

At Popular Mechanics, an analytical chemist uses clues from Breaking Bad to explain both the real science behind Walter White's meth formula, and the key flaw that either means the show's writers are taking a little artistic license or Walter is even more of a chemistry genius than anybody thought.

'Breaking Bad,' Season 5, Episode 10, 'Buried': review

Spoilers. Kevin McFarland reviews the second of Breaking Bad‘s final eight episodes, in which the show’s dark protagonist spirals ever-nearer towards an ominous inevitability.

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'Breaking Barfi,' an Indian parody of Breaking Bad

Jus Reign explains:

Waltaar, an avid lover of Mithai (Indian Sweets) finds out that he has been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, which constrains him from consuming any more Mithai due to the high sugar content. So as a solution, Waltaar, alongside his former student Jassi, begin cooking fat free, low sugar, healthy Mithai and begin selling it on the streets... which leads to all sorts of drama. BREAKING BARFI. DUN DUN.

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Catch up on Breaking Bad at Boing Boing: "Top 11 chemistry moments," episode recaps, and more

From Breaking Bad Locations on Instagram.

If you missed the train (heh) last weekend, climb on board now: we're publishing weekly episode recaps of Breaking Bad's final eight episodes here at Boing Boing, written by Kevin McFarland. Here is his first, for the ep titled "Blood Money," and here's his intro to this final phase of Season Five, the last in the show's history. While you're at it, watch the video Miles O'Brien and I did of the coolest chemistry moments in Seasons 1-5. And here are some cool audio and video remixes, rounded up for your enjoyment. Here are our coverage archives. Spoilers galore throughout each link.

Video: Top 11 chemistry moments in Breaking Bad, with Xeni and Miles

Spoilers! To celebrate the launch of Breaking Bad's Fifth Season, PBS science correspondent Miles O'Brien and I dug into the show's vaults to explore the top 10 chemistry moments in Breaking Bad, from seasons One through Four. Only, there was so much awesome science, we had to choose the 11 top chemistry moments. This video was created in 2012, as the first eight episodes of season 5 were unveiled; now, the final eight episodes of that season -- the show's last-- have begun to air.

Last night, Mythbusters aired a Breaking Bad special, in which some of these top chemistry moments were explored, and debunked -- or affirmed. You've gotta see Adam Savage as Heisenberg.

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Having an A-1 day: Breaking Bad day-after audio and video remixes

The first of the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad aired last night. Read Kevin McFarland's season preview on Boing Boing here, and read his episode recap of "Blood Money" here. Below, a few of the more interesting video and remixes, an animated retelling of one great scene in last night's ep, and a parody from Weird Al Yankovic. Spoilers galore.

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Breaking Bad's final season opens with a flash

The cryptic flash-forwards in the second season of Breaking Bad were among the most controversial moments for the show. Oblique, mysterious, leading toward an entirely unexpected ending for the season, and they still stand out, stylistically, as one of the strangest narrative decisions on the show. The glimpses into the future at the beginning of the fifth season, and at the start of tonight’s midseason premiere “Blood Money,” convey a different effect.

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How Breaking Bad took us to the breaking point

In a spoiler-soaked preview of the final season, Kevin McFarland looks at one character’s embrace of humility led him to Heisenberg, protagonist Walter White’s menacing alter-ego of in the world of Breaking Bad. Contains spoilers for episodes leading up to, but not including, the final eight of Season 5.

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Breaking Beer: Albuquerque brewery unveils 'Breaking Bad'-themed ales

Albuquerque's Marble Brewery is pouring a pair of "Breaking Bad" tribute beers this week -- well, they sold out in two hours, actually. "Walt's White Lie is a India White Ale and Heisenberg's Dark is an India Black Ale," writes Chris Ortiz, "The brewery released the beers just days before the Sunday premiere of the final eight 'Breaking Bad' episodes."

Meet the woman who keeps Walter White (scientifically) honest

The blue meth made by Walter White is bluer than any meth that could actually exist in real life — and other interesting things that you learn while talking to Breaking Bad's scientific advisor, University of Oklahoma chemistry professor Donna Nelson.

A 'Betting Bad' update, a few days before Breaking Bad's final episodes begin

As I mentioned here a few weeks ago, Boing Boing video collaborator Joe Sabia created a fun online game for Breaking Bad fans, titled "Betting Bad." The basic idea: you bet on what will happen in the show's final 8 episodes. The trailer for the game was epic--the entire show thus far crammed into 9 minutes!--and here's a video update on how people are betting. Spoilers. For more fun, check out

Breaking Bad tattoos

A Breaking Bad fan's tattoo, shared on Instagram by actor Aaron Paul (Jesse).

Flavorwire has a post with a bunch of images of Breaking Bad fan tattoos. But it's not just fans who are obsessed with permanent fleshy commemorations of the long-running AMC series, which comes to an end soon. Actors Bryan Cranston (who plays the show's protagonist, Walter White) and Aaron Paul (who plays his meth-cooking sidekick, Jesse Pinkman) each got inked when they finished shooting the show's last season.

The final 8 episodes air on AMC starting this Sunday, August 11, and we'll have weekly recaps/analysis here on Boing Boing.

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Leaves of Glass: Breaking Bad’s Walt Whitman fixation, and 'Ozymandias' deconstructed

At Poetry Magazine, TV critic Kera Bolonik answers the questions, "how does Walter White compare to Walt Whitman? And what cynical commentary on our times, on humanity, does series creator Vince Gilligan make with this subversive pairing?"

Some snippets from her answers:

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Nine minute Breaking Bad supercut (spoilers!) and "Betting Bad," online game to speculate outcomes


The AMC dramatic series Breaking Bad returns on August 11 for its final episodes, and Boing Boing video collaborator Joe Sabia has built a very cool project for trufans to enjoy. Above, "9 Minute Breaking Bad," a supercut of every Breaking Bad episode to date.

I did this with my childhood friend Paul Gulyas, and it was our first recap since Seven Minute Sopranos 6 years ago. We did this to promote, a website me and some friends made that lets everyone bet on what they think will happen in the final season of Breaking Bad, collect points throughout the season on correct bets, and compete with friends and strangers. It's like a Fantasy Sports experience for TV dramas.

Game Trailer video for Betting Bad is below. I can't wait to play.

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Poster for Breaking Bad's final episodes revealed

Click to view the complete image.

AMC today released the poster for the final 8 episodes of Breaking Bad. Walter White (Bryan Cranston) stands in the Albuquerque desert with the tagline "Remember My Name" printed over his body. The final episodes will air beginning Sunday, Aug. 11 at 9/8c on AMC. I can't wait!

Catch up on previous seasons in the series: Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, Season 5.

"Breaking Abbey": A Downton Abbey/Breaking Bad crossover, courtesy of Colbert

(Video link) In an attempt to post some lighter, fun stuff today in the midst of horrible events, here are the male cast members of Downton Abbey performing a parody of Breaking Bad on last night's episode of The Colbert Report. Earl blue is the hot tea on the street, yo. Language NSFW. (via The Wrap)

Breaking Bad IRL: chemistry teacher busted for cooking meth, selling at school where he teaches

East Texas chemistry teacher William Duncan, like Breaking Bad protagonist Walter White, applied his love of chemistry to a promising side job as a methamphetamine cook. He was busted for selling home-brewed crystal in the parking lot of the same junior high school where he taught science.

He has not been fired. The school has placed him on administrative release, pending investigation. Police do not believe that any of his buyers were students at the school.

Coverage: Texas Monthly, Uproxx, Gawker, KLTV.

In related news, police in Alabama are still looking for another meth maker, and this one's actually named Walter White. (HT: @milesobrien)

Breaking Bad Dance Remix music video (warning: S.1+2 spoilers)

[Video Link]

Do not watch if you have not yet watched seasons one and two of the television show Breaking Bad. Tight, tight, tight, yeah! Created by the very talented video remixer Chris Lohr. Damn, but Mr. White has fallen a long, long way since S1, que no?

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In case you thought Marie on Breaking Bad was a little annoying, let this interview with Betsy Brandt change your mind

If you find yourself obsessing over a TV show, watching three or four episodes in a row, becoming completely immersed in this fictional world of fictional people, you tend to form opinions and pick favorites. And you also pick out at least one character who annoys the crap out of you. For some people, that show is Breaking Bad, and that character is Marie. Marie Schrader -- a kleptomaniac, snoopy, deeply flawed, purple-loving human being who still finds a way to be a sympathetic character. For most people, anyway. Some people still don't like Marie, and the woman who plays her, Betsy Brandt, is regularly notified by Twitter users that they would like to see the character she plays dead. Brandt granted an interview with Spinoff Online, and if you still don't like her by the time you're done reading it, then there is no hope for you. You have broken bad, and you just won't return. Because she is delightful. (And she's talking about upcoming episodes and a possible Breaking Bad movie, so that might be relevant to your interests, too.) (via Spinoff Online)