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Watch bunnies swarm a tourist on Japan's Rabbit Island

Ōkunoshima used to be home of several chemical plants, but now it's a tourist destination for those who love the wild bunnies who live there.

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Rabbit Rainbow

Shoop: XJ

Chocolate Bunny family (photo)

"Lindt Bunny Family," a photo shared in the Boing Boing Flickr pool by Paul J. "Leave them alone, and they multiply."

Bunnies attack at Denver Airport

Bunny rabbits at Denver Airport have caused thousands of dollars' worth of damage to cars, having become fond of eating exposed wiring. The USDA is unable to remove them fast enough. [CBS Denver]

HOWTO make zombie chocolate bunnies and undead eggs for Easter

At the Criminal Crafts blog, a fun tutorial on "pairing zombies with a fuzzy pastel holiday," through delicious zombie bunny rabbits and haunted eggs. There's a photo gallery here.

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Cute etsy bunnies!

Dean spotted Vickangaroo's cute bunnies on Etsy! Couldn't you just reach out and pet it?