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Buzz Aldrin and Thomas Dolby sing "She Blinded Me With Science"

If you've ever felt bad about your moves, this should provide some comfort. One of the coolest men on the planet (and the Moon) doesn't have much of a sense of rhythm, either.

The performance was part of a one-day Smithsonian conference on the future of technology and innovation. It's worth bookmarking the page for the conference because, over the next several days, organizers will be posting video of presentations made by Aldrin, Dolby, and a host of other great tech thinkers — including neuroscientist AndrĂ© Fenton; Eric Green, director of the National Human Genome Research Institute; and mathematician Maria Klawe.

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The story of the Apollo 11 moon landing, as told through data (video)

[video link]

This data visualization of the Apollo 11 moon mission gathers social and technical data from the 1969 lunar landing in video form. The horizontal axis is an interactive timeline.

The horizontal axis is an interactive timeline. The vertical axis is divided into several sections, each corresponding to a data source. At the top, commentators are present in narratives from Digital Apollo and NASA technical debriefings. Just below are the members of ground control. The middle section is a log-scale graph stretching from Earth (~10E9 ft. away) to the Moon. Utterances from the landing CAPCOM, Duke, the command module pilot, Collins, the mission commander, Armstrong, and the lunar module pilot, Aldrin, are plotted on this graph. The graph is partially overlaid on a composite image of the lunar surface.

More about the data presented, and the story told, at the project's Vimeo page. The project comes from the MIT Laboratory for Automation, Robotics, and Society, and was directed by David Mindell. Via Maria Popova. As noted on Flowing Data, my only disappointment is that they didn't get to the "One small step for [a] man" part!

Additional credits: Visualization Design by Yanni Loukissas, and Francisco Alonso served as Research Assistant.