There were even more insane, demented monsters that we didn't see in Cabin in the Woods (but they'll be on the DVD)

The best horror movie of the year, Cabin in the Woods, featured a wall of tons of freaky beasties in one of its most memorable scenes. But as unsettling and scary as that was to think about, there were actually even more monsters that didn't make the final cut of the film. io9 has a short video about a few of those monsters which will appear on the Blu-ray and DVD that will hit stores next week on September 18. (via io9) Read the rest

Fran Kranz will star in the directorial debut of Gillian Greene-Raimi, Murder of a Cat

There is so much exciting news involved in this story that I'll just give it to you bit by bit: Sam Raimi is producing a movie called Murder of a Cat, which is about a guy who discovers that his recently deceased cat was leading a double life with another owner. That guy will be played by Fran Kranz, who was most recently seen in that other amazing Joss Whedon movie released this year, The Cabin in the Woods. As if this couldn't get any more fun, he will be directed by Gillian Greene-Raimi, wife of Sam, making her debut as a feature director. This movie was made for the geekiest faction of the internet. This movie was made...for us. Read the rest