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31 communities vow to create local gigabit broadband

Across the US, 31 communities have joined forces to make the dream of fast, affordable, and reliable gigabit-speed broadband a local reality. The Next Century Cities program, launched this week, hopes to defeat the forces holding broadband back. The 31 inaugural signatories are:

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"Once again, no history": Sen. Chuck Grassley's regular updates on the state of The History Channel

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley and I have something in common—we both loathe the distinct lack of history present on The History Channel. Since January, the Senator has posted multiple complaints about this problem on his Twitter account. Reading them, I feel a kindred spirit. (Via Pourmecoffee)

Anti-cable TV campaign, circa 1970

In this anti-cable TV campaign from the early 1970, theater operators agitate against the prospect of competition in their customers' own living rooms. The strategy: present its own prime product—movies for mature audiences—as something no-one would want to see at home. Brilliant!

"Monsters do have their place. In the zoo. In nightmares. In the deep. In your favorite horror movies. But not in your living troom, on your TV! Don't let pay TV be the monster in your living room. Pay TV and cable TV companies are seeking the right to charge you for the very programs that you now get free. If you want to stop pay TV and save free television ,sign the petition in the lobby of this theater. Let your lawmakers know how you feel in the fight against pay TV and cable TV."

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