Fantastic selfies from 1920


Famed photographer Joseph Byron holds the camera for a few group selfies in 1920. No selfie stick. No duck face.

More info on these shots here and here. (via r/OldSchoolCool)

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Your camera as emergency survival gear


Chris Nicholls of the Camera StoreTV demonstrates what to do if you are lost in the woods with only your camera gear.

Tying flies is boring.

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360-degree kitten-cam


Complete with the sort of music that accompanies peaceful villages in Japanese adventure games, newStory's 360° footage of four adorable kittens is here to brighten your day. Drag and click inside the video to look around! [via Metafilter] Read the rest

Squirrel-cam footage

squirrel cam

Watch this video to get exactly what the headline promises: a squirrel's-eye view of what it's like to squirrel around the treetops. It was reportedly shot in Westmount Park, Montreal with a GoPro Session (low quality, but light enough to be grabbed by/attached to a squirrel.) Read the rest

Sheepview: cameras attached to roaming ruminants in the Faeroe Islands

Photo: Visit Faeroe Islands

Sheep in the remote Faeroe islands, between Scotland and Norway, have been fitted with cameras to provide a vast corpus of sheepcam footage. At Sheepview, you may soon be able to explore the windblasted heaths and crags as if you were yourself an ambling, grass-munching ruminant—and help Google to catch up and generate street-view imagery that islanders need.

As the sheep walk and graze around the island, the pictures are sent back to Andreassen with GPS co-ordinates, which she then uploads to Google Street View.

“Here in the Faroe Islands we have to do things our way,” says Andreassen. “Knowing that we are so small and Google is so big, we felt this was the thing to do.”

So far the Sheep View team have taken panoramic images of five locations on the island. They have also produced 360 video so you can explore the island as if you are, quite literally, a sheep.

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Fantastic Manfrotto 3-way head


I am absolutely thrilled with this Manfrotto 3-way head. My last one took nearly a decade to wear out, mostly due to abuse in salt water environments, and I had to have a new one.

This head works great with some of my larger lenses on board. The Nikon AI-S 300mm F2.8 and my Nikon AF-S 70-200mm F2.8 are both perfectly stable on this head. Friction controls are a nice addition, missing from my last head, and the collapsible levers get out us your way. Bubble levels pretty much exactly where you'd want them and a fantastic quick release system. It uses the same mount as previous pan-and-tilt Manfrotto head, so I can even use the old mounting plates.

I expect to get another 5-10 years out of this one.

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Ultra-rare unopened Leica camera for sale with X-ray to prove what's inside the box


The Leica KE-7A is a very rare camera manufactured for the US military in the early 1970s. It's essentially a hardened and dust-resistant version of Leica's popular M4 camera. With around 500 produced, it's nearly impossible to find one in good condition. That's why this unopened specimen up on eBay right now is so special, and so expensive, priced at $45,300 or best offer. The listing includes an x-ray of the package.

According to the listing, the image below depicts another example of the same camera outfit as the one in the sealed package. But then again, how can you know for sure what's inside until you open it...

"Although I do not advise I can open the bag to inspect the camera for you at a Euro 5000 nonrefundable deposit," says the seller. "If you decide not to buy at any reason the deposit will not be refunded as the value will then be less."

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The Leica Q is the best fixed-lens compact camera


Craig Mod reports on six months in the field with the $4,000 Leica Q, a compact, fixed-lens camera for professionals and for amateurs who are very serious indeed. He loves it with an intensity that would seem unreasonable were it not for a) the fact that the photos illustrating his essay are spectacular, and b) he discusses how using it changed his mind on photography basics.

Compare with the just-published review of Sony's latest RX1R-II at DPReview. It's serious competition for the Leica Q in the rarefied market for fixed-lens compacts that cost more than a MacBook Pro. Though it's $700 cheaper, and in many respects technically superior, the design (from UX to battery life) sounds so frustrating and ill-considered that it's hard to imagine preferring it over the Leica if you're spending that much dough on a fixed-lens camera to begin with.

There's a great section in Craig Mod's review to remind you this is all for stills folk: "Video: I think the Leica Q does video."

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Leica's underwater compact camera good but ugly


Leica's X-U is waterproof to 49 feet, drop-proof, and costs less than $3,000: a relatively cheap entry in the fancy camera-maker's legendary lineup. Sean O'Kane reviews it at The Verge. Read the rest

Sony's RX1R II is its new high-end compact camera

sony rx1r

Sony's Cyber Shot RX1R II is its new flagship compact full-frame camera, with a 35mm f2 fixed Zeiss Sonnar lens, a 42.4-megapixel Exmor R sensor (the same one as in the A7S2 A7R2), a moire-reducing low-pass filter, and a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

The lack of 4K video is ever so slightly disappointing, but this sort of thing whispers to the still shooters anyway, those who want unparalleled quality with perfectly-chosen limitations.

If there's a problem with it (apart from its brutal $2900 price tag) it's that its own baby brother, the RX100 mk4, is itself so good that I can't imagine spending more without going all the way to a full-frame DSLR. Read the rest

Watch a rattlesnake strike a GoPro camera


A fellow was recording rattlesnakes when one struck the device, knocking it into a pit teeming with the serpents. More footage below:

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Miniature astronomy camera as pretty as the stars

Tiny1 is a bit of a cosmic mystery: a pocket-size camera dedicated to astronomy. There's little information about it other than it shoots low-light 2.5k timelapses and long exposures, and will come with various high-zoom lenses. A crowdfunding campaign is in the works and set to launch by year's end. [via Uncrate]

Here's a photo of the moon taken with a prototype. Read the rest

How does the iPhone 6s camera compare to every Apple smartphone before it?


Thinking of buying an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus? If photographic quality matters to you, check this out first. Read the rest

New GoPro camera disliked


GoPro Hero4 Session is the company's first new camera in years, reports Fast Company's Daniel Terdiman. Read the rest

Jack Fusco's remarkable night photography


Night photography specialist Jack Fusco has a special love for framing his images of the Milky Way using sea caves, like this one in Malibu. Read the rest

Sigma's latest compact camera great for just one thing


Sigma's lineup of high-end and rather odd compact cameras continues to intrigue and disappoint. Wired's Josh Valcarcel loves the image quality, especially for portraits—and dislikes pretty much everything else. Mike Tomkins explains its unique sensor technology.

Ever since we first heard of the X3 Quattro chip, we've been debating precisely how to describe it on our site. Foveon's chips have always defied categorization in terms of the not-so-humble megapixel, but more than ever that's true with the Quattro image sensor. … But now, things have taken an even more complex turn. … We now have, essentially, no meaningful way to describe this sensor or the cameras on which it is based in terms of pixel resolution.

Photo Review likes it more.

The dp3 Quattro won't suit everyday snapshooters and may not be ideal for some photo enthusiasts. It's even more ponderous to use than its dp2 Quattro sibling and the raw conversion software, though capable, is quirky. But that Foveon sensor is hard to beat if you're after rich colour rendition plus detail that rivals the best DSLRs we've reviewed.

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Lily is a new type of drone camera


This adorable little drone is a potentially revolutionary camera whose creators claim can fly itself. Read the rest

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