Leica's underwater compact camera good but ugly

Leica's X-U is waterproof to 49 feet, drop-proof, and costs less than $3,000: a relatively cheap entry in the fancy camera-maker's legendary lineup. Sean O'Kane reviews it at The Verge. Read the rest

Sony's RX1R II is its new high-end compact camera

Sony's Cyber Shot RX1R II is its new flagship compact full-frame camera, with a 35mm f2 fixed Zeiss Sonnar lens, a 42.4-megapixel Exmor R sensor (the same one as in the A7S2 A7R2), a moire-reducing low-pass filter, and a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

The lack of 4K video is ever so slightly disappointing, but this sort of thing whispers to the still shooters anyway, those who want unparalleled quality with perfectly-chosen limitations.

If there's a problem with it (apart from its brutal $2900 price tag) it's that its own baby brother, the RX100 mk4, is itself so good that I can't imagine spending more without going all the way to a full-frame DSLR. Read the rest

Watch a rattlesnake strike a GoPro camera

A fellow was recording rattlesnakes when one struck the device, knocking it into a pit teeming with the serpents. More footage below:

Read the rest

Miniature astronomy camera as pretty as the stars

Tiny1 is a bit of a cosmic mystery: a pocket-size camera dedicated to astronomy. There's little information about it other than it shoots low-light 2.5k timelapses and long exposures, and will come with various high-zoom lenses. A crowdfunding campaign is in the works and set to launch by year's end. [via Uncrate]

Here's a photo of the moon taken with a prototype. Read the rest

How does the iPhone 6s camera compare to every Apple smartphone before it?

Thinking of buying an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus? If photographic quality matters to you, check this out first. Read the rest

New GoPro camera disliked

GoPro Hero4 Session is the company's first new camera in years, reports Fast Company's Daniel Terdiman. Read the rest

Jack Fusco's remarkable night photography

Night photography specialist Jack Fusco has a special love for framing his images of the Milky Way using sea caves, like this one in Malibu. Read the rest

Sigma's latest compact camera great for just one thing

Sigma's lineup of high-end and rather odd compact cameras continues to intrigue and disappoint. Wired's Josh Valcarcel loves the image quality, especially for portraits—and dislikes pretty much everything else. Mike Tomkins explains its unique sensor technology.

Ever since we first heard of the X3 Quattro chip, we've been debating precisely how to describe it on our site. Foveon's chips have always defied categorization in terms of the not-so-humble megapixel, but more than ever that's true with the Quattro image sensor. … But now, things have taken an even more complex turn. … We now have, essentially, no meaningful way to describe this sensor or the cameras on which it is based in terms of pixel resolution.

Photo Review likes it more.

The dp3 Quattro won't suit everyday snapshooters and may not be ideal for some photo enthusiasts. It's even more ponderous to use than its dp2 Quattro sibling and the raw conversion software, though capable, is quirky. But that Foveon sensor is hard to beat if you're after rich colour rendition plus detail that rivals the best DSLRs we've reviewed.

Sigma DP3 Quattro [Amazon] Read the rest

Lily is a new type of drone camera

This adorable little drone is a potentially revolutionary camera whose creators claim can fly itself. Read the rest

What's the widest lens you can put on a Micro Four Thirds camera?

Going ultra-wide on my Blackmagic Cinema Camera is tricky, but I've found a 6mm lens that covers the sensor.

Gordy's leather lug-mount camera wrist strap

Over the past decade I've been annoyed with traditional camera straps that go around your neck or diagonally across the body. I've tried retro looking 70s camera straps, sling straps, and eventually just carried my camera in a bag and didn't use anything to secure the camera. I found this to be a surprisingly good solution, but I still wanted some safety measure in case the camera got knocked out of my hand.

I got the Gordy Lug-Mount Wrist Strap for Christmas as a gift along with the optional wrist pad, and it's proven extremely secure, non-restrictive, and also doesn't look like a disposable nylon cargo strap. This camera strap is guaranteed to increase sexual potency by 7%. Also it will most likely keep your camera on your wrist and off the ground.

Gordy's Wrist Strap ($18, $31 with optional Wrist pad) Read the rest

Kickstarting an open hardware SLR networking add-on

Danny sez, "Lumera is an open-hardware, open source prototype that plugs into your fancy SLR camera, connects to your phone via WiFi or Bluetooth, and lets you automatically upload pictures to sites like Flickr or a USB backup, change your camera settings like focus or ISO settings, or run timelapsed photograph sessions." Read the rest

HTC's "Re", a tiny periscope camera

Pitched as an action camera for the rest of us, the $200 tiny Re pairs with Android and iOS smartphones and shoots 1080-lines video at 30fps, or 720-line video at 120fps.

It's a simple proposition of size and functionality. The Verge's Dan Seifert isn't terribly impressed.

HTC says the Re Camera is easier to use than your smartphone because you don't have to frame a shot or worry about opening a camera app before you take pictures. Its ultra-wide lens is supposed to capture everything in the scene for you, so you don't miss anything. And since you're not staring at your phone to take the pictures, you can still enjoy what's going on while you preserve memories for later.

But after using a pre-production version of the Re Camera, I'm not convinced that it's a better option than just using your smartphone to take pictures.

Read the rest

Video: camera on train tracks

BNSFME put a GoPro camera on a train tack. If you can't handle the suspense, forward to 1:00. (via Laughing Squid) Read the rest

Photos: Comparing the iPhone 6 camera to previous iPhone cameras

SnapSnapSnap, makers of the popular photo editing app CameraPlus, have a killer post with side-by-side-by-side-by-side image comparisons of shots from all iterations of the iPhone camera. Read the rest

Attempted gunpoint robbery of cyclist recorded on helmet camera

At first, cyclist Mike Graziano thought he was merely avoiding a collision with an inattentive motorcyclist. When the man cut him off again, though--and produced what looked like a handgun--the scenario became clear.

"I was on a bike tour in a rough part of Buenos Aires, Argentina, in broad daylight when a thief attempted to steal my camera gear at gunpoint," wrote Graziano. "I miraculously happened to be recording with a gopro on my forehead and captured this amazing piece of footage!"

Graziano was in Argentina as part of a cycling tour of 195 countries he'd kickstarted to march "into the most 'dangerous' areas on earth and will surprise everybody with the level of welcoming and gracious people they meet, leading to a serious evaluation of the assumptions we make about nations."

Protip for robbers: learn the English words for things you would like to possess. Read the rest

Panasonic zags in camera land, with large-sensor Android smartphone and 4K point-and-shoot

Panasonic's CM1 weds a 1-inch camera sensor (as found in high-end point-and-shoots like the Sony RX100 and Canon's just-announced G7X) with a smartphone running Android 4.4. Read the rest

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