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The worst parallel parker in Scotland

Bo'Ness, West Lothian, Scotland. The driver of a yellow Fiat compact spots a perfect space to park up. And so the time-honored dance of the incompetent parallel parker begins. But, dear reader—wait for it.


Robot kills worker at Volkswagen factory in Germany

Robots work on vehicles on the production line during assembly at Volkswagen AG's Seat automobile plant in Martorell, Spain, earlier this year. [Reuters]

Robots work on vehicles on the production line during assembly at Volkswagen AG's Seat automobile plant in Martorell, Spain, earlier this year. [Reuters]

The Financial Times reports that a technician has been killed by a robot at a Volkswagen plant near Kassel, Germany.

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This $11 car gadget can save you money


Have you ever neglected to sufficiently tighten the gas cap after refueling your car? If you have a car built after 1996, it's likely to have triggered the "Check Engine" dashboard idiot light, even though nothing is wrong with your car.

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Traffic wardens gave two parking tickets to car with a dead man in driver's seat


Mamadou Barry, 47, racked up two parking tickets in New York while sitting in his car. He was dead at time. "Officials said they were investigating why wardens had failed to give Mr. Barry a third ticket," reports Biebuzz.

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WATCH: Gentleman mods daughter's pink mini-Mini

After his daughter complained her toy car was not fast enough, YouTuber ThatHPI GUY decided to mod it so it could pop wheelies.

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Jump start a car without another car


I fortunately have not had to use Cyntur Pack Mini Lithium-Ion Jumpstarter to start my car, but it's nice to know I have it if I need it. It's been in my car's trunk for two months, and when I checked it today, the LED meter indicated it was still holding a full charge. (The manufacturer recommends topping it off once a year with the included AC charger, so I set up a reminder on my calendar.)

The 2,000mAh Li-Ion internal battery can also be used to charge mobile devices and it has a built-in flashlight. It comes in a nice zippered case with instructions glued to the inside.

It's very simple to start your car (or someone else's) with this. Just plug the terminal clamps into the battery pack, attach the clamps to the battery terminals, and start the engine. Good riddance to jumper cables.

Cyntur Pack Mini Lithium-Ion Jumpstarter ($100) on Amazon charger-2

Don't do this to your car


An epic thread at r/AskReddit invites mechanics to describe the dumbest things people do to their cars.

As you can imagine, there is some pretty stiff competition. Here's a quick tl;dr of the 7000-comment thread.

1. Neglect to check the air pressure of the spare tire. — Back2Bach
2. Neglecting regular car washes in the winter cuts the life of your car in half. - gauget
3. Don't "literally top off" your oil. - Fingerbangbandit
4. Use "placebo bullshit devices [such as] magnets on the fuel line to "align" the gas [and] strange metal fins in the filter housing to spin the air. - rdesktop7
5. Add decals or badges from fast cars that are not even from the same manufacturer - various. (cf. leave dealership stickers on their cars - Kranenborg )
6. Ride on bald tires. - Ravenwald (who has other good ones, too).
7. "Put that loud fucking exhaust on their car and think they have the fastest car on the block. Bitch your shit sounds like a lawnmower" - BattlingMink28
8. Any modification that costs more than the vehicle is worth - huhaskldasdpo.
9. Do nothing when the check engine light comes on. - indymash.
10. "Pretty much every aftermarket part" — Sneeze_wee, who claims to work in auto insurance and has more.

Guilty of #2. Guilty of #8, too, but that's just because the rubber cement used to glue a window seal back on is worth more than a '99 Nissan Sentra.

Data analysis: the most popular cars in rap


Over at Cuepoint, a fascinating data analysis of the most popular cars in hip-hop, with lots of charts, graphs, and GIFs.

The most frequently mentioned car make is Mercedes Benz, also often referred to as Benzos. Rappers love to rap about their benzes, but they rarely mention what models. If we get down to the specific model that’s most frequently mentioned, there’s no debate — it’s the Chevy Impala, most specifically the ’64 year model.

"Riding Dirty: The Science of Cars and Rap Lyrics"


Driver runs into motorcyclist who scolded him about using phone

In March, motorcyclist Samuel Ayres stopped at a red light and noticed a driver using a phone. He told the driver, "Put down your fucking phone. You're in your car." The driver apparently did not appreciate the advice so he followed Ayres, sideswiped him and knocked him off his motorcycle, and drove away. Ayers is soliciting donations to pay for the resulting bills.

I drive a car with license plates that read “DRUNK.” Weird things happen as a result.

Boing Boing's publisher has a set of vanity plates that provoke interesting responses from adults and kids alike.Read the rest

Amphibious truck goes off-road, and off-land


This is the Gibbs Humdinga, a truck that truly goes off-road, right into the water.

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Cute photo: Pac-Man Ghosts drive MINI Coopers


Excellent marketing at a Jacksonville, Florida MINI dealership. Possibly promo for the forthcoming film Pixels. Either way, delightful. (via Reddit)

How to know if the Overland Expo is for you

An afternoon at the United States' premier—and mostly only—convention for people who really like to live in their trucks.Read the rest

The 17 states where guns kill more people than cars do


Motor vehicle deaths continue to drop in the US this century. Firearm deaths continue to rise. If the CDC's WISQARS data holds its path since 2013, guns will soon be America's top killing machine. The 17 states (and one district) in order are:

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Pickups, SUVs dominate map of most popular vehicles by state


Every Car Listed published some interesting maps about America's gas-guzzling habits. In 42 of 50 states, the most popular vehicle is a pickup truck or SUV.

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Lee Harvey Oswald's car on Ebay


You snooze, you lose. You have just missed the chance to bid on, and possibly own, the last car driven by Lee Harvey Oswald, which just sold on ebay.

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