Cat encounter, remix

At the suggestion of Boing Boing reader FoolishOwl, I added an appropriate soundtrack to Ben Frisch's video of an encounter between his cats. [YouTube Link]

Cat encounter

By Ben Frisch. [Video Link]

At the suggestion of Boing Boing reader FoolishOwl, I added an appropriately cinematic soundtrack.

Hubble Cat


Hubble Ultra Deep Field Cat. So many galaxies!

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The formal cat fantasy portraiture of Eldar Zakirov


Man, I love this guy's work--particularly the cats. Eldar Zakirov is on DeviantArt, and you can support his high weirdness by purchasing prints. He is based in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Website here.

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Double amputee cat does flying handstand down stairs

Now that's inspiring.

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'The Cat Says The Lid Stays Closed,' from Jonathan Mann's 'Animals' album

[Video Link] "The Cat Says The Lid Stays Closed," an animated ditty from the Album "Animals" by Jonathan "Song A Day" Mann. Give him some dough if you like his work.

Dreams are Real (video)

"Time travel. Space Exploration. Violence. Drama. Love. Cats. Dreams." Starring cats Hank and Buster. Cinematography, Editing and VFX by Ryan Barger, Production design by Katie Akana. The song "Dreams are Real" was written and recorded by Ryan Barger. [HT: Dean Putney]



Boing Boing reader Benjamin G. Levy shares this photo in our Flickr Pool. "Hannah relaxes with her bear friend."

Now Entering Hy-fur-space

Shoop: XJ.

Shoop: XJ.

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Kitten surfing on some pizza in rainbow outer space


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CATable desk designed for humans and cats


The CATable integrates crawl spaces to keep your kitty happy. (Laughing Squid)

DIY AT-AT cat house

Would you like to make your own felt cat house in the shape of a Star Wars AT-AT? First, you'll need a cat. [The Owner Build Network. Thanks, Heather!]

Adorable kittens, 9 days old, cry adorably and are available for adoption (video)


Happy Caturday. Ah, listen to this 9-day-old kitten's adorable squeals! Boing Boing pal Miles O'Brien was learning how to fly his camera drone with one hand after becoming one-handed. At the drone flying range near Washington, DC, a friend had a few 9-day old kittens hanging out on a blanket.

If you would like to adopt one of them, contact Nikki Driver at Nikki is a vet, so they're in good hands. She and the kittens are near Charlottesville, VA.

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Blood Moon Kitten Feast

Shoop: XJ

Cat facts with Ann Childers

Do you find that people have a strange reaction to your cat? Do you ever wonder who taste-tests cat food? Ann Childers answers these questions and more in the VHS edition of Kittens to Cats. [Video Link]