The Cat Organ will haunt your nightmares, if you are a cat

Somewhere Over The Rainbow has never sounded this exquisite. Read the rest

Watch cat-haters bond with kittens

The cat’s out of the bag: Cats are great.

Bonus: Kittens are also great for stress relief.

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Watch this cat realize it made a huge mistake

“I’ve made a huge mistake.”

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Black cat + Lush bath bomb = Sparkle Kitty!

Cat owner Kai Nimura forgot to clean out her bathtub after using a sparkle-filled Lush intergalactic bath bomb. So her black cat Salem, who loves to roll around in the empty tub, inadvertently wound up creating his own Halloween costume: The galaxy.

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From “box inspector” to “gravity checker,” a comprehensive list of cat jobs

With help from his cats Shorty and Kodi, Rob Moore of the Sho Ko Show examines all the special skills cats bring to the table.

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Here are 27 photos of sleeping cats

Cats that are sleeping. Sleeping cats. That is all.

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Cat enjoys watching Psycho

This wide-eyed kitty is enthralled by Hitchcock's Psycho.

Here's what the kitty's watching (spoiler!):

Probably staged, but still. Read the rest

Cat sees laser pointer dot for the first time

She's a rescue kitty, and her human just showed her a red dot on the wall for the very first time.

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Cat ballet, 1970s-style

I find to my amazement that we haven't posted the legendary Ballet Zoom Cats, spotted doing the viral rounds again lately. Consider the omission rectified! This is, for the record, the second-best cat video ever.

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We can appreciate the feels in this GIF


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Cats sitting on glass tables

There they are, fluffy floofblobs. “Cat legs appear to function like airplane landing gears as the stow safely away in the floof,” observes one commenter.

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The best cat video

This is without question both the best cat video and the best thug life video. Read the rest

Tell your cat you're pregnant

Having a baby requires adjustment for everyone in your home. This includes the cat. Now you can prepare your fur baby for a drooling hairless counterpart that will coo and wail in the dwelling where it was once the center of attention.

Tell Your Cat You're Pregnant: Baby and Toy Sounds for Preparing Your Cat for a Baby is a set of audio tracks of actual unpleasant baby sounds for your cat to experience, with titles such as "Loud Crying" and "Screaming." Also doubles as a contraceptive. Read the rest

Boxiecat is the best cat litter

With three cats, it's important to have good litter. I've tried crystals, clay, scented and unscented. I've settle on Boxiecat ($18 for a 16 lb bag). It's unscented but absorbs odors, clumps well, and there's very little dust. Best of all, the stuff seems to last forever. I just pour in a little from the bag every few days. There's no need to completely clean the litterbox every couple of weeks. Instead, I do a full dump-and-scrub every couple of months.

Two other essential litterbox items: the Clevercat litter box and the heavyweight Durascoop cat litter scoop. Read the rest

This cat is freaked out by a snake in a toad's mouth

Wouldn't you be too? (via Dangerous Minds)

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Cat escapes from polygon taped to the floor

The cat is probably just so interested in the tape that she doesn't want to leave the evil polygon. Which was the polygon's plan all along, of course.

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Humans, make room for Felines of New York!

See sample pages from this book at Wink.

Felines of New York: A Glimpse into the Lives of New York's Feline Inhabitants by Jim Tews Simon and Schuster 2015, 240 pages, 7.4 x 9.1 x 0.7 inches (softcover) $11 Buy a copy on Amazon

A beautiful book with glossy pages, the photographs of the myriad cats in Felines of New York are as diverse as the cats themselves: single portraits that occupy a single page, several that spread across two, working cats, attentive cats, cats ignoring the photographer – all are portrayed. Lolo, a silver tabby in Park Slope, is quoted as saying, “For me, showing love is more about what I won’t do than what I will do. For example, if I love you, I won’t shit outside your bedroom door.” Jeddy, a cat from the Lower East Side, tells us, “My grandparents immigrated here from New Jersey with nothing, and now I have this box. I wish they could see me. They’d be like 'How the f--- did you get that box? We never had a box.' But I don’t know, the box kind of showed up and so I sat in it.”

Author and photographer Jim Tews takes snapshots of the cats he encounters in New York – both feral and community cats, as well as those that live with human owners. From the purebred to those with dubious origins, the photographs are beautiful portraits of cats in their habitats, and short interviews provide insight to their lives. Read the rest

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