How to deactivate a cat, Part 2


I can't stop watching this. It has deactivated me. (Previously)

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“I taught my dog and cat both how to fistbump!”


You can teach a dog to fistbump. It appears that you cannot actually teach a cat to do so. Read the rest

Cover your cat's anus with Twinkle Tush


It is exactly what it says it is. It is $6. [h/t Heather] Read the rest

A supercut of various cute animals sneezing all of the sneezes


Not sure why this is so cute or entertaining, but it's very much both.

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Cat gives boxers unasked-for advice


Sock 'im! A right! A left! A ... gahhhh! You let 'im too close!

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Watch this cat slap the funky bass


Endlessly entertaining.

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Cats give zero fucks about your yoga video, will interrupt you without hesitation


These cats do not care about your vanity asana video selfie. Not even a little. Read the rest

Dogs and cats hate holiday fireworks. Here are 3 tips to protect your pet on July 4th.

Advice from the Humane Society that might save your pet's life.

Pilots, please always remove cats from your plane wings before flight

“The cat is doing well, she is still our mascot.”

Kitten-cam captures sleepy kittens exiting their cute little house, one by one

Big Kitten is watching you.

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Startled Cat is startled: A photo shared in our Boing Boing Flickr Pool.

Image: Eric Sonstroem.
Look at those eyes.

Cat parasite could be making kids stupid


Toxoplasma gondii is a single celled organism that lives in the guts of cats and is spread to humans through contact with cat crap. About a third of the human population is infected with it. It resides in the brain and muscles, and doesn't always cause symptoms. But a new study at the University of Iowa and Florida International University has linked Toxoplasma gondii to reading and memory difficulties in children. The study also suggests that vitamin E can reduce the effects.

Infected rats are already known to lose their fear of cats, making it more likely that they will be killed and eaten. This is advantageous to the parasite, since it reproduces inside the intestines of cats. The organism's egg-like oocysts are shed in cat faeces which may then contaminate food or infect other animals. Some studies have suggested that Toxoplasma gondii can alter the behaviour of humans too, making men more aggressive and even causing women to cheat on their husbands. Other research has pointed to a strong link between the parasite and schizophrenia.

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Behold, the world's largest whoopie cushion


This video about the world's largest whoopie cushion is all about the cat. Read the rest

Top 10 Wikipedia articles containing the phrase "legend has it" and at least one cat

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Cat licks air when paper crinkles


ORE Agency report "my cat's strange reaction to crinkling plastic wrapper." This cat should hang out with Charles, of Charles Has a Licking Problem fame.

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Photoset of two cats tells story of “Hope, Fish, Despair”


This photoset was original posted on a Chinese website Read the rest

I can't stop collecting cats in this Japanese smartphone game


Sometimes I can't tell how much of my affection for cats is genuine and how much is the toxoplasmosis talking, but in the end it doesn't matter: I love their silly faces. That's probably why I've fallen for Nekoatsume, an adorable Japanese smartphone game whose name translates as "collecting cats." Read the rest

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