Cat Hospital: A feline YouTube telenovela


Sex, intrigue, and catnip, in this cat-themed soap opera YouTubed by Mark Douglas. Read the rest

Baby meets her family cat for the first time, completely flips out with happiness


If you can manage to avoid smiling while you watch this video, you must be made of far stronger stuff than I am. Read the rest

Cat who is getting a bath says “no more”


No more. Read the rest

Cat poses next to its own "missing cat" poster


Brian M. Cassidy snapped this photo of a cat peering through a window with a poster announcing that it was missing.


A photo posted by Brian M. Cassidy (@brian_m_cassidy) on Aug 17, 2015 at 11:01am PDT

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Cat enjoys eating banana


Just look at it. Read the rest

Weekend of Wonder: It wouldn't be Boing Boing without cute cats


Cute pictures of cats are such a big part of what makes the internet great, to Boing Boing anyways, that we couldn't possibly put on the Weekend of Wonder with out "kittehs" being involved. Luckily for us, we happen to be friends with Perre DiCarlo!

Perre’s book Kick Litter won nine design and comedy awards and was featured in HOW’s Design Annual. At Weekend of Wonder, he’ll present his 9 steps to convince your cat to give up the litter box and use the potty instead.

We couldn't be more excited, the Weekend of Wonder is packed with incredible presentations, workshops and group activities! For three days Happy Mutants are taking over a fantastic resort we have already visited and fallen in love with. You will too. So come play with us!

Register here to join us at Boing Boing's Weekend of Wonder.

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You are a blind cat just trying to find your way home

Wanderment is like every other platform game you've ever played, except that you're a cat, and you're blind, and the world around you is comprised of shimmering fragments of sound.

Boy's head extremely comfortable


This cat really loves his boy—or whatever he's listening to. Read the rest

US dentist blamed for killing beloved lion in Zimbabwe

Cecil the lion and his alleged killer, Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer.
Palmer is said to have paid $50,000 for the privilege of killing the big cat with a bow and arrow.

Caturday: What life with cats is like, “jumping on your food” edition


“One nice thing about the Canary security is you catch little gems like this,” says Jeremy Husted. Read the rest

How to deactivate a cat, Part 2


I can't stop watching this. It has deactivated me. (Previously)

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“I taught my dog and cat both how to fistbump!”


You can teach a dog to fistbump. It appears that you cannot actually teach a cat to do so. Read the rest

Cover your cat's anus with Twinkle Tush


It is exactly what it says it is. It is $6. [h/t Heather] Read the rest

A supercut of various cute animals sneezing all of the sneezes


Not sure why this is so cute or entertaining, but it's very much both.

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Cat gives boxers unasked-for advice


Sock 'im! A right! A left! A ... gahhhh! You let 'im too close!

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Watch this cat slap the funky bass


Endlessly entertaining.

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Cats give zero fucks about your yoga video, will interrupt you without hesitation


These cats do not care about your vanity asana video selfie. Not even a little. Read the rest

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