Video: The history of the violin, throughout music history

CDZA's latest "The Instrumentals" episode explains the “History of the Violin” through song, with violinist Charles Yang. Read the rest

A Valentine's Day musical double-header from CDZA: History of Men, and Women, Moving On

Joe Sabia's Collective Cadenza (CDZA) YouTube musical project has two Valentine's Day specials out this week: The History of Women Moving On, and The History of Men Moving On. They're both a lot of fun. Subscribe for weekly musical experiments.

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Calculating product placement in hip hop songs: CDZA's $56 million musical shopping spree

How do you calculate the value of product placement in hip hop songs? With a $56 million dollar hip-hop shopping spree.

CDZA sends season's greetings to Boing Boing

A holiday music message to Xeni and Boing Boing, from the YouTube music experiment project CDZA.

How to teach kids classical music

Here's a new way to teach young people about classical music: have them sing their favorite pop lyrics to the tune of classical compositions.

The Human Jukebox: Donations to street musicians, as votes

[Video Link] The latest musical video experiment from Joe Sabia and friends at CDZA: "Donations as votes. A fun and democratic way for street musicians to receive money."

Charles Yang on Violin. Michael Thurber on Bass. Eddie Barbash on Alto Saxophone.

Money was sent to Wingspan Arts, a non-profit that aims to expose diverse and young groups of people to the arts.

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