Hypnotic synchronized juggling routine


A round of synchronized applause for Vlad Gapanovich, Maxim Golovchenko, and Evgeniy Pahalovich! I haven't seen a multi-person juggling routine this captivating since The Flying Karamazov Brothers. The video, titled, um, "Drugs," was directed by Taras Pozdnyakov, founder of [Raw Art], a "post-circus" of graduates from the Kiev Circus Academy.

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Man on early morning walk killed by elephant


A 65-year-old man in Buchen, Germany was collecting bottles and cans on an early morning walk when he was attacked and killed by a circus elephant who had somehow escaped her enclosure. Now the question is, was her enclosure not secured properly, or did someone intentionally let her out? An investigation is underway. The African Elephant, named Baby, was safely returned to her tent. Read the rest

Tintype stop motion animation of a circus

Fine art photographer Antonio Martinez combined more than 800 dryplate tintype photographs of a circus into this mesmerizing stop motion animation "Near the Egress." Absolutely stunning work. (Thanks, Randall de Rijk!) Read the rest

Circusleaks: documents show cruelty to elephants at Ringling Bros.

Mother Jones has published the results of its yearlong investigation that rips the big top off how Ringling Bros. circus treats its elephants. "The Cruelest Show on Earth." Read the rest