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Faded, clown-themed motel that backs onto a plague pit

Tonopoah, NV's Clown Motel is a relic of the Gold Rush town's faded glory years, and it is filled with clowns. Hundreds of clowns stare from every corner, the walls are hung with clown-portraits, and there is a "historic miners' cemetery" out the motel's back door, wherein rest the mouldering corpses of the victims of a mysterious epidemic that is only known as "Tonopah plague." Redditors who've stayed at the Clown Motel have taken to this thread to one-up one-another with tales of the establishment's freaky weirdness. Norwegiancoconut dropped a link to this gallery of photos from a previous stay.

America's scariest motel is haunted... by hundreds of clowns

1969 was a good year for horror-clowns

Redditor CptQuestionMark posted this photo of a birthday clown from 1969. The clown is so frankly terrifying, it suggests some kind of profound aesthetic/cognitive shift in human perception in a scant 45 years.

The Clown Egg Register

Our friends at Futility Closet (hosts of Boing Boing's wonderful Futility Closet podcast) have a short item about The Clown Egg Register. Apparently, a clown's face can't be copyrighted, but if you decorate an egg with the clown's face, you can copyright that, which stops unscrupulous clowns in their tracks.

Creepy clowns in Manchester

Colin smith clown 6790227

This is Colin Smith, a con artist clown who was busted for posing as a charity collector. Apparently, there were nearly 20 unrelated police incidents last year in Manchester, England involving clowns reportedly engaged in creepy behavior like following children to school, vandalizing property, or robbery.

“The clowning profession can do without stupid people who don’t understand the profession and appreciate that it is a performing art and not a spontaneous jolly jape," Dave Tawney, European director of the World Clown Association, told the Manchester Evening News.

Northampton Clown sparks nationwide plague of copycat horror-clowns

The Northampton Clown -- AKA Alex Powell -- made headlines for a series of creepy selfies taken around the English city of Northampton. Now, his notoriety has sparked a nationwide trend of copycat clown-pranksters who make mischief such as rapping on peoples' windows while brandishing weapons. England's clowns are furious.

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Vintage snapshots of creepy clowns


Over at Accidental Mysteries, John Foster posted several dark and unsettling vintage snapshots of clowns from his personal collection of vernacular photography. A celebration of coulrophobia! "Clowns Are Evil"

Republican congresscritters in clown makeup

I blogged the GOP clown college (WMxdesign's Flickr set of Republican politicians, leaders, and mouthpieces in clown makeup), but it's worth revisiting today, given all the shenanigans.

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Northampton clown unmasked

The evil clown stalking Northampton, England, was revealed as student and filmmaker Alex Powell.

Photos of the sinister figure at the National Lift Tower, posing on Elm Street, next to a town statue and in a lake have been posted on Facebook and attracted more than 180,000 likes from all over the world. He often teases fans about where he will turn up next by posting clues hidden in riddles on his Facebook page. He told a local paper anonymously: “I just want to amuse people. Most people enjoy being a bit freaked out, then they laugh about it afterwards.”

Yes, he is local.

Evil clown stalks Northampton, England

Photo: Joe

Steve Scoles reports for Northampton Herald & Post:

The sinister clown that has been appearing on Northampton's streets made another visitation last night. He was pictured in his trademark white make-up and red wig on St Michael's Road waving forlornly with a clown teddy hanging from his other hand.The appearance came after a posting on the Facebook page Spot Northampton's Clown promised the clown would be in town.

He said: "To prove i'm real to all the lovers and doubters, i'll see you in town today. Keep those eyes peeled."

Is he local?

History of scary clowns


Afraid of clowns? Perhaps you suffer from coulrophobia. Smithsonian looks at the "History and Psychology of Clowns Being Scary". Above, serial killer clown John Wayne Gacy who famously told police, "You know… clowns can get away with murder."

Killer Klowns from Outer Space

I'll admit it, as a kid Killer Klowns from Outer Space scared the heck out of me.

Long before ICP comes to earth, this bunch of goofy clowns, with a really great toy-based arsenal, land their space-going big top and get to making mayhem! A really useless cop, his love interest and the heroic Terrenzi brothers are all that stand between us, these man-eating clowns and their terrifying pop-corn. There really isn't much more to this classic terrible scifi horror, there doesn't need to be.

If you missed it when it was released you may have been among the fortunate!

Killer Klowns from Outer Space

Ronald McDonald Mark I: horror clown

The original Ronald McDonald was pure nightmare fuel (click through for video of him in action). Fun fact: he was played by Willard Scott, who went on to be the weatherman on the Today Show.

The Original Ronald McDonald or The Joker? (via Neil Gaiman)

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Evil Klowny Flakes

I give you Sugar Krinkles, bearing the finest cereal package art in the history of the world, a relic of 1950, the vintage year for such work. Be sure to click through onto the whole Vintage Ads post, wherein the epic Mr Man Writing Slash has also embedded a clowns-drinking-whisky ad that will make you scream with terror and delight.

Post's Sugar Krinkles, 1950s

Parents pay clown to stalk kids

England's Metro newspaper reports that parents may now hire an evil clown to stalk their children.

Deville is not an escaped lunatic or some demonic monster. He is a birthday treat, hired by mum and dad, and the ‘attack’ involves being splatted in the face with a cake.

‘The child feels more and more that it is being pursued,’ said Deville.

Adds Stephen Vaughan of Clowns International: "I think what Dominic is doing is a great idea. Bringing a little bit of life and laughter into kids’ lives is what we are all about."

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Midnight treat: 100 disturbing clown images

Artist Mitch O'Connell created this online gallery of 100 disturbing clown images.

David Lynch "Crazy Clown Time" (Video)

Here's the new self-directed video for "Crazy Clown Time," the new single from director (and songwriter) David Lynch. His new album is also called Crazy Clown Time. 

Mr. Lynch continues to make very disturbing and affecting films.


Prominent Republican leaders in clown makeup

WMxdesign's GOP Clown College Flickr set is a collection of prominent Republicans and Republican commentators in clown makeup.

GOP Clown College (via Kottke)