Examples of bad CGI collected


r/BadCGI is my new favorite subreddit, whose inhabitants share examples of grotesque, inept, or amusingly dated computer graphic animation. Embedded here for your enjoyment is the full movie of Joshua and the Promised Land.

P.S. Has anyone noticed that the cripplingly addictive game in Star Trek: The Next Generation is basically Pokemon Go, but with only one Pokemon? Right down to the quality of the graphics!

Speaking of Pokemon, here's a genuinely terrifying PC version from 2000: Read the rest

Explore Don Draper's apartment in 3D


Archilogic, an online architecture viewer/editor designed to be easier for laypersons to use and share from than Sketchup, is spectacular stuff... at least on a fast computer. You can upload plans and convert them to 3D, move and replace furniture, mess around with the layout, push the results to friends or real estate agents, and so on. Some of the demos posted to the company's blog are fascinating: exploring Don Draper's apartment in the first-person is eerily voyeuristic. An unbuilt Frank Lloyd Wright design is more majestic and less, well, sleazy.

Now do the Overlook Hotel! Read the rest

Tantalum, a beautiful, browser based ray-tracer


Tantalum is a 2D ray tracer that runs in the browser. Just click anywhere in the scene and watch those rays go a-scatterin' through the simulated optics.

You can reconfigure the contents of the scene, the light emission spectrum, and much else besides. The Secret Life of Photons, by creator Benedikt Bitterli, explains everything.

r/internetisbeautiful has some neat examples. Read the rest

Meet Saya: the incredibly realistic computer-generated Japanese schoolgirl


Teruyuki and Yuki Ishikawa are a husband-and-wife team of freelance 3D computer graphics artists from Tokyo. Their latest creation is Saya, and she is going to be the star in the movie they are self-producing. Read the rest

Hypnotically captivating video of CGI Silly Putty

"There's something mesmerizing about watching little dragons made of semi-viscous cookie batter falling helplessly into heaps and melting into each other."

Computer animated film from 1974 - Hunger

The short film "Hunger" by Peter Foldès was made over 40 years ago using computers. The design is fresh. It looks like it could have been made today.

Animated film satire of self-indulgence in a hungry world. Rapidly dissolving, reshaping images, made with the aid of a computer, create a stark contrast between abundance and want. A man eats, at first sparingly, but his appetite grows to gluttony, greed, and gratification of every desire. The nightmare that finally haunts him is the one that hangs over our disparate world.

I love the soundtrack, too.

Hunger, from the National Film Board of Canada (Via Dangerous Minds) Read the rest