Bizarre text messages sent to wrong number

Eight months ago, Thebearpoker received a text message photo from someone he didn't know. He decided to play along, not realizing he'd embarked on a long, strange trip.

Thebearpoker says, "At this point I rejected a phone call from her." Here's the voicemail she left:

Hey (Name on my VM) Why don't you answer your phone? This is Dawn. I know you know Bobbie and Travis. Its too coincidental. I am forwarding all the messages that I forwarded to you, to Bobbie's phone. But I do know that you know them, cause its the same area code, the same prefix as Fort Myers FL. I'm not stupid. If you have the guts, call me back (Insert her phone number here). You are a friend of both of them. I'm not stupid.

Here's the text exchange that followed:

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Words matter

In an answer to a reader question, NPR explains why it uses both "climate change" and "global warming" to refer to the concept of rising anthropogenic greenhouse gasses forcing a corresponding rise in global average temperature. Personally, I try to use "climate change" in all cases, for the same reason NPR likes that name—it doesn't confuse people who might otherwise not realize that a rising global average temperature can cause diverse local effects that aren't limited to higher temperatures. Read the rest