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Cute cosplay wings

Seen at New York Comic-Con, which I'm presently attending: Yaya Han's hand-cut foam cosplay wings, which come in a variety of styles, including devil, fairy, angel, cherub and steampunk. They're darned cute, and I bought a set of batwing devil versions for my daughter.

Head-sewn-on necklace

Etsy seller WeirdlyCute (an apt name!) makes these "Zombie Stitch" necklaces that make it appear that your head has been sewn on. Alice and I went as Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein last year, and this would have made a dandy addition to my Sugru neck-bolts.

(via Neatorama)

Old Superhero costumes

This small gallery of "original" superhero costumes have a nice tactility to them, looking like they've been crafted from naturally occurring fibers, a far cry from the seamless, shiny lycra aesthetic of contemporary superhero getups.

Epic family zombie-slaying portrait shoot

A crafty family decided to do a series of portraits while dressed in improvised body-armor from a notional post-zombpocalyptic world. I love this little girl's zombie-hunting outfit!

When your dear significant other asks you for a family portrait that includes Post Apocalypse zombie slaying, well of course you just smile, nod, and say yes!

ChainCrafts got lucky, his wife requested exactly that for her birthday. Jumping at the opportunity, he used his crafty skills to create armor for his family from upcycled hubcaps, railroad crossing sign, soda tabs, strips of stainless steel, various bits of sports equipment, jump rings, and aluminum from duct parts.

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(Photo: BAKAN photography)

Eyeliner skull transformation for Hallowe'en

Redditor Fakeproject shows off his annual Hallowe'en costume, a skull drawn on with eyeliner -- bald guys get all the fun on Hallowe'en!

Let's share Halloween costumes. Every year, I draw a skull on my face with eyeliner pencil. (

(via Super Punch)

One-legged woman's Hallowe'en costume

An unnamed one-legged woman conceived of this terrific Christmas Story lamp costume for Hallowe'en.

Pac-Man ghost dresses

Etsy seller Boobercakes made these Pac Man ghost Hallowe'en dresses (though, honestly, I don't understand why you couldn't wear them to the office or out at the shops). She'll make 'em to order, and do kids' sizes, too.

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HOWTO be desaturated

From BrodyQat, whose infamous desaturated Santa outfit made her the toast of the Internet, advice on how to make yourself a monochrome costume:

You have to think in shades of gray, not black & white. And all your grays need to complement each other, which is freaking HARD. There’s blue-grays, red-grays, etc. Find neutral ones, use mainly those and accent with black & white. (Wearing all black & white is not the same as looking desaturated).

Once you’ve matched all your grays for your outfit, you then need to match a skin-tone gray body paint. By ‘skin tone’ I mean it looks like your particular shade of skin tone, but gray. I recommend only Kryolan brand aquacolor body paint, they have lots of shades and coverage is amazing. Match colors in person if you’re lucky enough to have a vendor near you. I wouldn’t chance it looking at shades online, honestly.

Line your eyes top and bottom with dark gray eyeliner BEFORE you paint your face & exposed skinparts. Then shade back in your eyebrows so you don’t look like Amanda Palmer before she breaks out the eyebrow Sharpie.

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(Image: Ben Zero)

Facehugger-inspired leather mask

From Ukrainian steampunk/fetish mask maker Bob Baset, the Hugger Head mask, "Slightly reinterpreted Giger monster. It now manages the object. Or maybe it’s a happy symbiosis?"

Hugger head Leather Mask

Creepy "goth mask" for Hallowe'en

If there was ever a mask made to be worn by a creepy serial killer, it's Hallowe'en 31's grotendous "Goth Mask 4."

Goth Face Mask 4 (via JWZ)

UK Storm Trooper armourer can go on selling his gear; Brit copyright on Star Wars costumes has lapsed

Andrew Ainsworth is a Londoner who designed the original Storm Trooper helmets for George Lucas's Star Wars. Ainsworth has been casting new armour from his original moulds for the past eight years, selling them to fans at up to £1,800 a throw. Lucas sued Ainsworth in a US court, which held that he had violated Lucas's copyright; but because Ainsworth has no US assets, Lucas had to bring suit in the UK to collect. However, UK law affords only limited copyright to costumes, and the UK Supreme Court held that costumes are not sculptures, and only get a 15 year term of copyright in the UK, meaning that Storm Trooper armour is now in the public domain in Britain. The court also found that Ainsworth had violated US copyright.
Mr Ainsworth sells his Stormtrooper costumes for up to £1,800

A prop designer who made the original Stormtrooper helmets for Star Wars has won his battle with director George Lucas over his right to sell replicas.

Andrew Ainsworth, 62, of south London, successfully argued the costumes were functional not artistic works, and so not subject to full copyright laws.

George Lucas loses Stormtrooper battle at Supreme Court (Thanks, @erichhugo!)