Watch: Michael Bay style Bat vs. Crocodile warfare with bombs and lasers


“What would a nature documentary be like if the animals were armed with our favorite weapons?”

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Surfing crocodile

Enjoying the crest of a wave, this crocodile shut down Cable Beach near Broome, Western Australia, one of the country's most popular tourist hotspots. The animal has been slated for removal to the nearby Malcolm Douglas Wilderness Park. [Perth Now via Abroath] Read the rest

Crocodile strands man on island

Last month, an adventuresome tourist was dropped by boat on the small, remote Governor Island off Western Australia. He planned to explore the island but quickly realized he didn't have enough food and water to sustain himself. So he decided to kayak the four kilometers back to the mainland. The problem was that every time he'd get ready to head out, a six-meter crocodile would stalk him. The man reportedly was stuck on the island for two weeks until a local noticed his light and rescued him.

"He said every time he got in his little kayak, which was only 2.5m long, this crocodile – who has lived there for many years and is a monster – has chased him," (rescuer Don) McLeod said.

"He was desperate for water when I trotted up. We gave him a cold beer, which was probably the wrong thing, and then he went to sleep about three-quarters of the way home." "Crocodile stalked New Zealand kayaker on remote island in Western Australia"

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10,000 crocodiles escape

A many as 10,000 crocodiles are "on the loose" in South Africa following floods on the Limpopo river. [Reuters] Read the rest

James Bond: Every attempted crocodile jump in "Live and Let Die"

Multiple takes of stuntman Ross Kanaga's epic crocodile jumps, in the shooting of the 1973 James Bond flick, "Live and Let Die."