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Car goes off bridge into water, occupants don't seem to mind A Russian dashcam moment.

Driver: Oh, we float.

Passenger: Where are we going?

Driver: I don’t know. Maybe to the shore.

Passenger: Don’t turn the wheel, it’s useless.

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Here's 70 minutes of Russian dashcam video showing car collisions

[Video Link] Joey deVilla says: "Here’s an interesting compilation: 70 minutes of (mostly) Russian car collisions, from mild fender-benders to all-out flip-the-car moments, most of which were shot using dashboard-mounted cameras. None of the video depict injuries; just car and other property damage, plus some exclamations in Russian."

Bad Driving’s Greatest Hits

Gentleman facebutts police dashboard

Seen enough video of auto insurance fraudsters being exposed by front-facing dashboard cameras? One fellow in Russia thought up a clever way to get the police in trouble, but didn't count for the fact that dashcams can be turned around. [Video Link]