Flesh-eating sea bugs devour swimmer's legs

Sam Kanizay, 16, of Australia stood in the ocean to cool his feet. When he emerged, he was surprised to see that his legs were bleeding profusely. He hurried home, where his father tried in vain to stop the bleeding. He took his son to the hospital emergency room and doctors rushed to help.

Later, the father went to the same part of the ocean Sam had been swimming in to find out what had attacked his son. From Washington Post:

Kanizay returned to the bay and waded back to the same spot where Sam had stood — albeit with two wet suits on to protect his skin.

Using a pool net and some raw meat, he collected thousands of what looked like mites, each of them about 2 millimeters long.

“You know, nurses and doctors from the hospital weren't going to jump in and try to get these critters, right?” Kanizay said. “I thought that someone had to solve the puzzle as to what had eaten Sam's legs.”

Genefor Walker-Smith, a marine biologist at Museum Victoria in Melbourne, identified the creatures Kanizay had collected as lysianassid amphipods, minuscule scavenging crustaceans that are attracted to the chemicals emitted by decaying meat, the museum said in a statement.

Sometimes referred to as “sea fleas,” the amphipods will not cause lasting damage, she said.

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This cabin shaped like owls would be a hoot to rent

Need a little time away to reconnect with nature? Head to France and go off the grid in this delightful wood cabin shaped like three owls. Read the rest

Sign this petition to replace Confederate memorial with manatee memorial

Manatee County, Florida has a Confederate monument, but a local resident hopes to get it replaced with a memorial to Snooty the Manatee, a legendary manatee who recently died in an accident just after his 69th birthday. Read the rest

Scuba diver has been visiting the same fish nearly every day for 30 years

Hiroyuki Arakawa is a scuba diver in Japan. Yoriko is a fish. They have been friends for 30 years, seeing each other almost every day.

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Bird regrets opening a box

The scene: a kitchen table. It could be anywhere. A pet bird, possibly a cockatoo, stands next to box made of woven fibers. It flips open the lid of the box, revealing a kitten resting inside. The bird sees something in the box (a loose strand of fiber?), and when it makes an exploratory nip, the kitten boops the bird on the beak. The bird flips the lid back on the box, trapping the kitten inside. The gif ends.

Detained for assault from youseeingthisshit
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Small antelope is determined to attack man

A young antelope harbors a vicious grudge against this guy, who seems to be half-scared, half-amused by the tiny angry ungulate. The only way he can restrain it is by grabbing it by the horns. He makes a half-hearted attempt to use a towel like a bullfighter's cape, but that doesn't work very well. Hiding behind a pole is a slightly better tactic. The video ends before we find out who wins.

This antelope is savage from AnimalsBeingJerks
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Watch pink legless lizards, mysterious dongs of the desert

The dongs of the deep have nothing on the hearty Mexican mole lizard, aka dongs of the desert.

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Meet the world's greatest horse photographer

Sara Barnes at My Modern Met profiles photographer Wiebke Haas, whose stunning art photographs of horses have won her global acclaim.

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Paul Walsh paints delightful creatures on utility boxes

Artist Paul Walsh brightens up the streets of Auckland, New Zealand by sprucing up old utility boxes with delightful creatures. Read the rest

An electric fence to keep snails out of your vegetable garden

Here's a vegetable gardener who didn't want to share his bounty with slugs and snails, so he strung an electric barrier around the perimeter of his raised bed garden. Anytime a voracious mollusk attempts to enter the garden, it must first crawl over a pair of electrified wires, where it receives a mild shock sufficient to thwart its plans.

The gardener has kindly posted instructions for others interested in making a 9 volt electric snail/slug fence. Read the rest

Intricate paper cutouts of animals, colored by nature

Faye Halliday recently started making variants of her intricate animal drawings with cut-out sections. She then held them up in beautiful locales to create a delightful effect. Read the rest

It's hard to see this caterpillar when it is on a leaf

Camouflage of the Baron Caterpillar

This is a baron caterpillar. It is a cryptic bug, not a masquerading bug. From the Biological Journal of the Linnean Society:

Masquerade is also thought to differ from crypsis because cryptic individuals are mistaken for the background on which they rest, whereas masquerading individuals are mistaken for specific objects. As a result, crypsis relies on the relationship between the individual and the background, but the benefit of masquerade is thought to be independent of the background against which the masquerading individual is viewed...

Image of baron caterpillar on red surface: Vinayaraj/Wikipedia

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Gorgeous,dramatic photos of Japanese playground equipment by night

The Park Playground Tumblr features Kito Fujio's gorgeous, dramatically lit photos of Japan's whimsical playground equipment: climbers, slides and other fun stuff styled to look like animals, abstract modernist forms, world monuments, magical creatures, robots, gadgets, and whimsical beasts. Read the rest

Fresno cops find $1m worth of stolen bees in "beehive chop shop"

The Fresno, California Sheriff's Department raided a "beehive chop shop" and uncovered $1m worth of bees stolen in "great beehive heists" that have taken place across the bee-starved state. Read the rest

Make: hand-embroidered patches based on photos of your beloved cat

Becky Stern writes, "My elderly cat passed away earlier this month, so I spent some mourning time stitching up these embroidered cat patches based on photos of my kitty Beatrice. I made a tutorial walking through the process from Photoshop to embroidery hoop." Read the rest

Peacock raises havoc in liquor store

The animal control officer doesn't know if he should use his net to catch the bird or the bottles of liquor falling off the counter.

We started a new page called @animalsdoingthings and it's all animal videos and they're all hilarious. Check it out

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A man named Mule owns 3 mules and travels with them across the western US

Documentary Filmmaker John McDonald is making a documentary about a man named Mule. Mule lives outdoors and owns three mules, and can sometimes be seen walking with them through big cities like Los Angeles. Authorities don't know how to deal with him.

John Sears, aka Mule, has been roaming the western United States with his three mules for almost thirty years, trying to find balance between the man-made and the natural world. The 69-year-old and his animals sleep outside, insisting on their right to move as they please. Bemoaning the loss of open space due to the ever increasing urban sprawl and our dependence on the automobile, Mule advocates a simpler way of life in harmony with nature. While many appreciate his nomadic lifestyle and applaud his courage, he's not welcomed everywhere. Confrontations with law enforcement have led to his being fined, arrested, and even institutionalized and his animals being impounded. An intimate look at an intriguing, but controversial character, his unique experiences and adventures, and his urgent message for contemporary American society.

McDonald is seeking funding to complete his film.

In 2012 Mr. Homegrown of Root Simple spotted Mule in the Silverlake district of Los Angeles and took a few photos.

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