Make: hand-embroidered patches based on photos of your beloved cat

Becky Stern writes, "My elderly cat passed away earlier this month, so I spent some mourning time stitching up these embroidered cat patches based on photos of my kitty Beatrice. I made a tutorial walking through the process from Photoshop to embroidery hoop." Read the rest

Peacock raises havoc in liquor store

The animal control officer doesn't know if he should use his net to catch the bird or the bottles of liquor falling off the counter.

We started a new page called @animalsdoingthings and it's all animal videos and they're all hilarious. Check it out

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A man named Mule owns 3 mules and travels with them across the western US

Documentary Filmmaker John McDonald is making a documentary about a man named Mule. Mule lives outdoors and owns three mules, and can sometimes be seen walking with them through big cities like Los Angeles. Authorities don't know how to deal with him.

John Sears, aka Mule, has been roaming the western United States with his three mules for almost thirty years, trying to find balance between the man-made and the natural world. The 69-year-old and his animals sleep outside, insisting on their right to move as they please. Bemoaning the loss of open space due to the ever increasing urban sprawl and our dependence on the automobile, Mule advocates a simpler way of life in harmony with nature. While many appreciate his nomadic lifestyle and applaud his courage, he's not welcomed everywhere. Confrontations with law enforcement have led to his being fined, arrested, and even institutionalized and his animals being impounded. An intimate look at an intriguing, but controversial character, his unique experiences and adventures, and his urgent message for contemporary American society.

McDonald is seeking funding to complete his film.

In 2012 Mr. Homegrown of Root Simple spotted Mule in the Silverlake district of Los Angeles and took a few photos.

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Wolf chases goat across sheer cliff

In this video, a hungry wolf chases a small goat across the face of a sheer, crumbling cliff. The wolf wins. Read the rest

Treasure trove of deep-sea specimens includes dongs of the deep

Australia's Sampling the Abyss project went 2.5 miles underwater 62 miles off the east coast of the continent, netting a treasure trove of delightful creatures, including a peanut worm that in Rob Zugaro's photo looks a lot like a... Read the rest

Please don't try to ride a hog

Here's what we've learned: an enormous swine may enjoy having his back rubbed, but that doesn't mean it will allow a large primate to jump on it in hope of a ride around the pen.

No you can't
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Pigeon thinks roof exhaust vent is a merry-go-round

I like to imagine that the other pigeons on the roof are waiting for their turn on this spinning rooftop vent.

Pigeon carousel
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Head lice treatments in US are failing

Interesting article in SciAm about the difficulty in treating head lice infestations. "Overexposure to insecticides has bred resistance in the parasites, making it harder than ever to treat infestation." The situation is different in Europe, where they've stopped using insecticides to kill lice and nits and use synthetic oils:

Further confounding matters, the co-pay for visiting a doctor, plus the cost of prescriptions, which may or may not be covered by insurance, can impede patient access to these newer medications. And despite their diminishing efficacy, over-the-counter lice shampoos remain the first response recommended by most doctors, health plans and even the American Academy of Pediatrics. For its part, the combing method used by many parents and professional lice pickers such as LiceDoctors is theoretically effective, Clark and Yoon note, but hard to do well.

The situation is totally different in Europe, where treatment moved on from pyrethroids and virtually all insecticides about a decade ago, says Ian Burgess, president of the International Society of Phthirapterists (people who study lice). Instead most Europeans now rely on silicone and other synthetic oils to eliminate head lice. The oils envelop the lice, preventing them from excreting water. As liquid builds up inside the louse, its internal organs start to shut down from the exhaustion of trying to pump out the water. Either it dies of this exhaustion, Burgess says, or its guts rupture from the liquid.

My kids have gotten lice a few times. I've always wondered if plain old rubbing alcohol could kill lice and nits. Read the rest

This toy is called a wooden penguin bomb

When you drop this flat-pack penguin on the floor, it "explodes" into a 3D penguin, like a Nintendo character come to life.

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A Clam the Size of Your Head

I defy you to eat dinner while watching this seller in an Okinawan fish market make clam sashimi out of this monster. It would have made a nice prop in a 1950s sci-fi movie.

Via Aden Films. Read the rest

The heaviest, sturdiest cat litter scoop

The little plastic cat litter scoop I’d been using for a couple of years had gotten flimsy from use and would often buckle at the handle. The DuraScoop is made from cast aluminum and will never bend. It easily shaves hardened clumps of litter from that litter box that would cause a plastic scoop to fold in half. It’s actually a beautiful looking tool, too. If Raymond Loewy designed a scoop, it would look like this (maybe the handle wouldn’t be covered with textured plastic). Cleaning cat litter is an unpleasant daily chore for me, but the DuraScoop makes it much less unpleasant. I bought it last year for $13. It's $12 on Amazon right now. Read the rest

Adorable bulldog watches horror film on TV, gets emotional

Watch as this bulldog is fascinated by this horror flick (does anyone know the name of the movie?), jumping up and barking at the scariest parts – especially when the girl seems to be in danger. I don't have a dog but this makes me want one! Read the rest

How to tell the difference between bees, flies, wasps, and moths

A lot of non-stinging flying insects evolved to have black and yellow stripes as a way to trick would-be predators into thinking they are bees or wasps. In this video, you'll learn how to identify them so you eat them without worry.

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Delightful creatures made with hand-looped polymer clay

What started as a hobby making clay flowers turned into Russian artist Alisa Laryushkina's charming animal sculptures. Read the rest

How to make a humane wooden squirrel trap

Chris Notap made a humane wooden squirrel trap that slams a door shut when a squirrel goes to the back of the trap to retrieve a peanut. He put a camera inside the trap so you can see it action. Read the rest

Wildlife tourists who mistake aggression for kissy-faces in danger of monkey-bites

A University of Lincoln researcher on holiday in Morocco noticed that wildlife tourists were mistaking macaques' aggressive facial expressions for kissy faces and responding "by imitating the monkey's facial expression, which generally ended by either aggression by the monkey towards the tourists or the monkey leaving the interaction" -- which leads to monkey bites. Read the rest

Sabine Volkert's vibrant animations of delightful creatures

Musician Max Cooper collaborated with artist Sabine Volkert to create the accompanying video, which features symmetrical delightful creatures morphing and overlapping. Volkert's hand-drawn style makes it a fine complement to the music. Read the rest

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