Alaska troopers want to know why idiot in bear suit is harassing grizzlies


Why would someone wear a realistic bear costume and use it bother a mother grizzly and her two cubs trying to eat salmon in an Alaska river? First of all, he's lucky the mother bear didn't eviscerate him when he ran to within five to ten feet of the cubs and began “waving and jumping,” according to a group of people watching from a respectful distance. Second, it's stressful to the bears.

Alaska Fish and Game technician Lou Cenicola, was able to move the mother bear out of the way, and he tried to talk to the man. The man didn't remove the bear head, and didn't identify himself. He told Cenicola, “You have the license plate number. You figure it out.” Then he drove away, still in costume.

State troopers are investigating and said the man could face wildlife harassment charges. [via]

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Video: dogs astonished by magic trick


Magician Jose Ahonen performed some sleight-of-hand magic on dogs and they were totally fooled. First, he showed them a treat held between his fingers and thumb. The dog naturally expressed interest in it. When the treat disappeared, they were like, "huh?"

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Bionic Bird: a cat-foolin', smartphone-controlled ornithopter

Kyosho's $150 Bionic Bird is a smartphone-controlled ornithopter that is birdlike enough to fool a cat (or at least, the cat is pretending to be fooled). Read the rest

Man ordered to pull donkey in cart


An extraordinary scene took place on Saturday last at a small village within three miles of Middleton. A half-witted fellow named James Driscott had cruelly ill-used his donkey. He was told by several of the villagers that he would be brought up before the magistrates and severely punished; but his informants said that if he consented to do penance for his inhuman conduct, no information should be laid against him. Driscott gladly agreed to the proposed terms. The donkey was placed in the cart, and its owner, with the collar round his neck, was constrained to drag his four-footed servant through the village. The scene is described by a local reporter as being the most laughter-moving one he had ever witnessed. — Illustrated Police News, Jan. 22, 1876

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Tiny Hamster visits Walt Disney World

Tiny Hamster (previous/tiki bar - also in book form) visited Walt Disney World, but not the same one you and I visit -- this one was replete with tiny cardboard replicas of churro stands (with pouchable mini-churros!) and Dole Whip stands and a tiny shoebox Haunted Mansion (!) (Thanks, Eli!) Read the rest

Mollusk biologist describes how slugs make babies


John Kelly of the Washington Post spotted a pair of leopard slugs mating on his driveway. He called Megan Paustian, a research biologist who consults for Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History, to explain how slug sex works.

After Paustian told Kelly that she was "kind of jealous" that he got to watch a live leopard slug sex act when she has only been able to watch leopard slug porn, she went on to explain how they do it: “They make a mucus thread and then dangle down on it. As they hang there, the hermaphroditic slugs extrude their translucent penises — out of their heads. They swap sperm.”

Ever wondered how slugs make more slugs?

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Chameleon enjoys popping bubbles


Now someone is going to tell me that blowing bubbles near a chameleon is even worse than tickling a slow loris. Read the rest

Researchers compile list of horse facial expressions


Scientists at the University of Sussex have published a directory of horse facial expressions. The Equine Facial Action Coding System catalogs "17 discrete facial movements in horses that may indicate mood or intention or just bafflement," reports The Guardian.

Boing Boing created this chart that shows each facial expression identified by the scientists. We hope you find it helpful.

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Mom offers food to baby if he can say "mama," hungry dog says it first

The baby might not be able to say "mama," but he knows when the family's Australian Shepherd says it.

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20-lb human battles 600-lb dog for possession of bed


"From the dog's point of view, his master is an elongated and abnormally cunning dog." – Mabel Louise Robinson Read the rest

All-black chicken is perfect for goth urban homesteaders

Greenfire Farms is the premier breeder of Ayam Cemani, a chicken that is all-black. Even the inside of its mouth is black. Its eggs, of course, are pure white. Chicks sell for $199.

The Indonesian chicken breed known as Ayam Cemani takes ‘dark’ into an entirely different realm. Their feathers are black. Their skin is black. Cut open an Ayam Cemani and you’ll find black muscle anchored to black bones. Even their organs are black. And what do you get for all this unrelenting blackness? One of the most beautiful chickens in the world; a chicken so spectacular and exotic that it is referred to as the “Lamborghini of poultry.”

In Asia, Ayam Cemani are renowned as much for the mystical powers of their black meat as they are for their extraordinary ink-black feathers that shimmer with a metallic sheen of beetle green and purple.

Images: Greenfire Farms

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British Library releases over a million public domain images


The British Library uploaded over one million scanned images to Flickr, designating them as public domain for all to share and use. Quartz has an article about the project.

I like this image from an 1890 copy of The Aldine “O'er Land and Sea Library. It shows a man being attacked by a "school of hungry dog fish." It is exactly the kind of sensationalistic illustration that was used countless times on the covers of men's "adventure" magazines of the 1950s and 1960s. Take a gander at the examples below.

"Spider attack! How the fuck did I get myself into this situation?"

"Monkey attack! How the fuck did I get myself into this situation?"

"Weasle attack! How the fuck did I get myself into this situation?"

"Scorpion attack! How the fuck did I get myself into this situation?"

"Monkey attack! How the fuck did I get myself into this situation?"

"Hyena attack! How the fuck did I get myself into this situation?"

"Bear attack! How the fuck did I get myself into this situation?"

"Giant otter attack! How the fuck did I get myself into this situation?"

"Monkey attack! How the fuck did I get myself into this situation?"

"Rhino attack! How the fuck did I get myself into this situation?"

"Flying squirrel attack! How the fuck did I get myself into this situation?"

"Bobcat attack! How the fuck did I get myself into this situation?"

"Crab attack! How the fuck did I get myself into this situation?"

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Texas gentleman shot by bullet that ricocheted off armadillo


A fellow from East Texas didn't take kindly to an armadillo that entered his backyard at 3am on Thursday morning. He opened fire on the animal, but one bullet bounced of the critter's tough hide and hit the man in his face. He was airlifted to the hospital, where a surgeon wired his jaw shut. The armadillo got away.

Michael Marks of the San Antonio Current writes, "Leave them alone. Do not shoot them, do not eat them, do not hit them with your car if you can help it. They are simple and majestic beasts. Let them eat grubs and migrate north in peace."

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Kitties enjoy ice ball on hot summer day


Your cat will pretend to love you if you give her a frozen water balloon on a hot day.

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Meowijuana Catnip Buds


One of life's simple pleasures is watching your kitties get blissed out on catnip. Most store-bought catnip is ditchweed, though. If you really want your cat to pretend to love you, give her 100% organic Meowijuana Catnip Buds available on Amazon. Read the rest

Human and fish insult each other's species


"The Fish, the Man, and the Spirit" is by Leigh Hunt. It was published in 1836. Read the rest

Man decides not to crush caterpillar after noticing it had a human face


"My first thought was to crush it with my cane, then I thought, no, it looks so strange, I'm going to take a picture of it," said Robert Palmer. The Toutle, Washington man was referring to a human-faced caterpillar he happened upon while watering his horse. "I'm going to be 70 in November. And I've never seen a bug with a human face staring back at me," said Palmer. Read the rest

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