Cat attempts to steal a treat tossed to dog, regrets decision quickly


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Heck Valentines Day just fall in love with some doggos

“For all those that don't have a valentine date or partner, here is some doggies for you to fall in love with instead.”

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Sir, I'm afraid you've had enough

Enjoy this vertical video of a dog insisting that its master not have another glass of wine. Read the rest

Just some Corgis having a doggie snow party

Like you do.

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No gate can hold back Super Dog

This dog is able to leap tall buildings (or at least medium-sized gates) in a single bound! Read the rest

Meet the dog with the world's longest tail

This is Keon the Irish wolfhound from Westerlo, Belgium who broke the Guinness World Record for the longest on a dog. Keon's tail is 76.8 cm (30.2") long, beating the previous record-holder also a wolfhound, by 4.5 cm (1.7"). (Guinness World Records)

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Sold Pupper Dance

When the Youtube description is "I am sold dance, happy pupper dance," you know nothing can go wrong. Read the rest

Video compilation: the doggos and puppers of 2016

WeRateDogs compiled a nice montage of some of the best dog clips of 2016. Even if you're an aficionado of the genre, there may be a few surprises for you. It's also oddly moving. Read the rest

Dogs "quite tiddly" on Advocaat

Martha and Oscar, two spaniels, required a trip to the vet to make sure they were OK after lapping up a bottle of Advocaat. The slimy booze was knocked over by Brecon (middle), a third dog, who did not drink any.

The BBC reports that Martha was observed "staggering and swaying" in her home in Gatesehead, England.

The pooches were taken to Prince Bishop Veterinary Hospital in Consett where vet Emma Hindson induced vomiting before feeding them activated charcoal to absorb the remaining alcohol.

Dr Hindson said: "Alcohol affects pets in the same way it does humans, so Oscar and Martha were quite tiddly when they arrived.

"This was an unfortunate accident and their owner did the right thing by bringing them in immediately for treatment. Her responsible action meant everything turned out fine and they could go home."

It was the second case of drunk dogs the veterinary practice had seen this festive season after two Labradors were found drinking red wine.


Magician tricks doggie

This little dog patiently waits for its treat, but its impish human companion would rather trick it. Read the rest

This dog can’t figure out how to walk through an open door

According to the video description:

“Buddy ran into this glass door once, and he wouldn't come through without me closing the door and opening it in front of him for a good week. This is one of the times I decided to record it, and boy am I glad I did!”

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Dog encounters hot dog

“Love at first sight,” shared on IMGUR by hellssatans.

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Dog reacts to silly dog music

"Doggo does a react to borks," is the full and complete description of what occurs here.

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Kittens photographed mid-pounce

As promised by the headline, nothing more, nothing less, just kittens photographed mid-pounce. The raw adorable feed: Seth Casteel. Read the rest

Large dog surfing

You can really see the dogs adjusting their balance and controlling the boards! Haole and Hanzo are both awesome! Read the rest

Dog sounds like a Tie Fighter

Beagle mix Geraldine visits the vet. Sadly, there doesn't seem to be any information about this wonderful dog or her career as a foley artist at ILM. Read the rest

Christmas puppy surprises

Wondering what to get your loved one this holiday season? Read the rest

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