Great Pyrenees are merely the 67th most popular dog breed says the AKC

Every dog is the best breed if you are the person who loves'em.

Perhaps it is their great size, their extremely loud bark, all the fur they shed, or the 2-tons of poop? My best buddy Nemo's breed strangely lands at 67th on the AKCs 2017 list of most popular breeds. Zuul, and her family of Cavalier King Charles, comes in 19th.

Wonder what kind of standardized test they give the dogs?

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Dog enjoys standing and walking on hind legs in pool

Doggosaurus Rex: Origins.

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This adorable dog gives pro kitesurfer Kevin Langeree a run for his money

Professional kitesurfer and water sports athlete Kevin Langeree has a wonderful moment of inspiration in this video with one very good dog.

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This tiny Corgi sure is a hungry little pupper

He's got those crazy hungry Corgi eyes.

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The Kennel Club's Dog Photographer of the Year winners will melt your heart

Maria Daison Ramos captured this lovely shot of rescue dog Yzma, titled "A Girl’s Best Friend." The Kennel Club named it their 2017 Overall Winner and 1st Place Winner in the "Man's Best Friend" category. The full gallery is aborbs. Read the rest

Yes I did it and I am proud

“When you're proud to admit you did it.”

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Dog logic: This fun walk will never end if human can't carry my limp body up these stairs

Classic tactics in canine Passive Resistance.

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Dog facebutts stationary truck

The dog is fine, reports owner Billy Hammonds, after being taken for a checkup at the vet. Read the rest

Samurai armor for your pets and kids

Samurai Age has created a line of samurai armor for kittehs and doggos, allowing them to show off their noble nature as honored warriors. Read the rest

Dog regaled with acoustic covers of songs

Here's Maple, pup of mesmerizing looping Vines fame, getting treated to more complete renditions of songs by instrumentalist Trench. The YouTube channel also includes the 6-second classics. Maple is uncharacteristically pensive in the attached screenshot because Maple is listening to the Johnny Cash version of Hurt.

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Duffy the rough collie can't catch balls

Maximum points awarded for the best possible use of the vincerò from Turandot's Nessun Dorma. Read the rest

The Blue Danube Wharrgarbl

"No dogs or hoses were harmed in this video, although they did get water up their noses." Read the rest

Puppies on swings

Pups On Swings is the best subreddit, devoted exclusively to images and videos of dogs on swings.
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Big, sweet dog interrupts newscast

And that's the way it is. (via Laughing Squid)

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Dog unwilling to yield large stick

Adorable. An aside: note how this video includes all the features of pre-internet animal video shows, where music and other anthropomorphizing cues bully you into the proper mindset to appreciate the humor. The only thing missing is a voiceover literally telling you that it's funny. It's not ironic, so either (a) someone trained a neural network on the career of Arsenio Hall or (b) the web, instead of dying, is completing its final metamorphosis to a box of VHS tapes at an estate sale. Read the rest

Dog confounded by spinner

This video of a dog counfounded by a spinner represents me every morning when I turn on the internet. [via] Read the rest

Interactive map of New York City's dog names

Every bubble of Dognames represents a particular name. Max and Bella lead, followed by Charlie, Coco, and Rocky, and Buddy and Lucky, and so on. [via] Read the rest

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