This dog can’t figure out how to walk through an open door


According to the video description:

“Buddy ran into this glass door once, and he wouldn't come through without me closing the door and opening it in front of him for a good week. This is one of the times I decided to record it, and boy am I glad I did!”

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Dog encounters hot dog


“Love at first sight,” shared on IMGUR by hellssatans.

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Dog reacts to silly dog music

cartoon dogs

"Doggo does a react to borks," is the full and complete description of what occurs here.

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Kittens photographed mid-pounce


As promised by the headline, nothing more, nothing less, just kittens photographed mid-pounce. The raw adorable feed: Seth Casteel. Read the rest

Large dog surfing


You can really see the dogs adjusting their balance and controlling the boards! Haole and Hanzo are both awesome! Read the rest

Dog sounds like a Tie Fighter


Beagle mix Geraldine visits the vet. Sadly, there doesn't seem to be any information about this wonderful dog or her career as a foley artist at ILM. Read the rest

Christmas puppy surprises

Screen Shot 2016-10-19 at 9.15.02 AM

Wondering what to get your loved one this holiday season? Read the rest

Here is a happy dog on a trampoline


"A Dog's Life, a heartwarming short film made by director Kristenn over those summer months. GOBO brought this loyal friend In vivid and realistic 3D as he humorously follows his master's exercise routine." [via tl;dr] Read the rest

Adorable doggo turns 12 and gets a Big Mac to celebrate her birthday


“My dog Pip turned 12 the other day and we gave her a Big Mac to celebrate,” says IMGURian Amandazander1d.

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The weird history of dog-headed men

Men with the heads of dogs appear in stories going all the way back to ancient Egypt and Greece. Over at Mysterious Universe, Brent Swancer introduces us to this common character found in weird tales from around the world:

Stories of purported dog-headed men go back well into history. Mostly referred to as the Cynocephali, which derives from the ancient Greek words “cyno,” meaning dog, and “cephaly,” meaning a disease of the head, these were typically described as essentially humans with the head of a dog, and they feature heavily in stories going across cultures throughout the world, from ancient Egypt, to ancient Greek, to medieval Europe and Africa, as well as in Christian mythology....

Travelers often wrote of these mysterious dog-headed people. One Italian monk by the name of Odoric of Pordenone, who traveled about converting people between 1317 and 1330, claimed to have come across the Cynocephali at the island of Nicoveran. They were described as being somewhat brutish, but displaying a form of organized religion, worshipping oxen and wearing various gold and silver religious charms. French inquisitor Cardinal Pierre d’Ailley claimed in 1410 that there existed a race of dog-headed humans in India, as well as a one eyed variation of the creatures referred to as the Carismaspi. Explorer Giovanni da Pian del Carpine also mentions a race of dog-heads which he claimed inhabited the lands north of the Dalai-Nor (Northern Ocean), and Lake Baikal. Indeed, depictions of the Cynocephali appeared on maps of the time, similar to the dragons and other wondrous beasts that mapmakers liked to adorn their maps with.

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lil shiba pupper is going for a smol walke


Such a bouncy shibber pupper. You need this little fella in your internet today.

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Dog nervous but unruffled as odd goat licks it


"Haha look at this goat!!!" writes nevadamountains. "He is funny, and the dog doesn't care!!!" [via] Read the rest

Pug Has Serious Case of French Fry Face


“Zoidberg meets Admiral Ackbar.”

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Time for a puppy party


A family of happy Spanish Mastiffs.

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Dog trolls its pal by playing dead


Sam says, "Jack has discovered that by playing dead he can scare the shit out of Archie." Read the rest

The Pixar logo gets a canine makeover


“I have just met you, and I love you.”

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Trying to wash your car with a German Shepherd around can be ruff


Baron the German Shepherd is a working dog, but if your idea of work is washing the car with Baron around?

Forget it.

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