Dog unwilling to yield large stick

Adorable. An aside: note how this video includes all the features of pre-internet animal video shows, where music and other anthropomorphizing cues bully you into the proper mindset to appreciate the humor. The only thing missing is a voiceover literally telling you that it's funny. It's not ironic, so either (a) someone trained a neural network on the career of Arsenio Hall or (b) the web, instead of dying, is completing its final metamorphosis to a box of VHS tapes at an estate sale. Read the rest

Dog confounded by spinner

This video of a dog counfounded by a spinner represents me every morning when I turn on the internet. [via] Read the rest

Interactive map of New York City's dog names

Every bubble of Dognames represents a particular name. Max and Bella lead, followed by Charlie, Coco, and Rocky, and Buddy and Lucky, and so on. [via] Read the rest

Let this doggo lick your screen clean [GIF]

You are welcome.

Read the rest

Gentleman proud of fence that will (not) contain his dog

Not even remotely adequate. Read the rest

Chester doesn't like Roomba

Chester (or Shasta?), a Red Labrador, has figured out a way to deal with the Roomba that's more efficient than barking at it or biting it: turning it off. [Thanks, Heather!] Read the rest

Watch: Dog barks with suspicion after owner loses 50 pounds, until he finally recognizes him

After spending five weeks in the hospital and losing 50 pounds, Shane Godfrey is home only to find that he's become unrecognizable to his dog, Willie. The dog barks and barks – personally I would have been scared – but Godfrey sits calmly until the dog comes over and sniffs. Finally recognizing him, the dog becomes overjoyed. Watch his adorable reaction.

Thanks News and Observer! Read the rest

A guide to doggo names

The artist behind the Tumblr GudGuyMaybe created this whimsical guide to the canine kingdom (and a few other species too): Read the rest

Watch: incredible dance routine by dog and woman

To quote noted asshat Samuel Johnson, "Sir, a woman's preaching is like a dog's walking on his hind legs. It is not done well; but you are surprised to find it done at all." Read the rest

Need a boop

Ben the dog, looking adorable.

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Talking dogs always cheer me up

This never gets old. Read the rest

Dog takes possession of baby's pacifier

Stop it it's mine, stop it it's mine, stop it it's mine. I SAID STOP IT IT'S MINE.

“All life is a purposeful struggle, and your only choice is the choice of a goal.” — John Galt, Atlas Shrugged (Part 3, Chapter 7, Page 1,068) Read the rest

Videos of Patrick Stewart being licked by his new rescue dog

Sir Patrick Stewart OBE is a legendary actor, activist and baldy. Ginger is his family's new dog, a pit bull terrier adopted through ASPCA and Wags And Walks.

The X-Men actor may have outdone himself this week, though, when he posted the above tweet, welcoming his new foster dog Ginger into his home. We don’t want to belabor the point too much, but this is an internet video that combines a cute fostered pitbull and Patrick Stewart speaking in his most gentle, delighted voice, and thus represents the internet’s current stockpile of peak cute.

Here Ginger polishes the pate:

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Talented border collie knows many tricks and routines

All dogs are amazing but this one stands out

Mary, age 16, has a two-year-old border collie named Magic. They have a lot of fun together. Here's their Instagram account. Read the rest

Small dog fails to convince big dog she is big

Nemo barely has to move to fend off Zuul's most powerful attacks. Read the rest

Cat attempts to steal a treat tossed to dog, regrets decision quickly


Read the rest

Heck Valentines Day just fall in love with some doggos

“For all those that don't have a valentine date or partner, here is some doggies for you to fall in love with instead.”

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