Oil fields of Catan

If you play Settlers of Catan and/or if you're interested in the hard decisions we have to make about energy, you'll likely be as excited as I am about this new (free!) scenario for the classic board game. Catan: Oil Springs allows you to develop faster by collecting black gold—at the expense of short-term and long-term safety risks. (Via Audubon Society and Jeremy Hsu) Read the rest

"Headless" Post-man Put to Pasture

Last year, the killer who inspired the famous New York Post headline "Headless Body in Topless Bar" was denied parole. This year, the author of that (frankly fabulous) headlne retired. (As a side note, the author of my favorite headline, "Foot Heads Arms Body", is Martyn Cornell, former subeditor of the London Times.) (Via Maryn McKenna) Read the rest