Gorgeous teeny-tiny pencil drawings


Mexican artist Mateo Pizarro draws these beautiful and insanely tiny illustrations using just a pencil. (via Juxtapoz)

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Excellent creepy hand illusion


"Drawn on my hand with markers and pen," writes Natalie Nakles. Read the rest

The stunning pen and ink drawings of Polish artist Wojtek Kowalczyk

Image: Wojtek Kowalczyk
The artist was born in 1960, in Krakow, Poland.

Video: trick for drawing a perfect circle

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Vast, hand-drawn maze took seven years to design

@Kya7y's father spent seven years drawing an enormous, intricate maze on a sheet of A1 paper, of which this photo is but a tiny part. Flooby Nooby's Ron Doucet collects the revealed sections; there seems to be no single, high-quality image showing the labyrinth in its entirety. [Matome via Spoon-tamago] Read the rest