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I have journeyed to the soul of chocolate and I bring you good tidings

Cold brewed coffee is a revelation of complex, bittersweet, intense flavor. Cold-brewed chocolate? Even better. (Holy. Crap.)Read the rest

Microscope photographs of alcohol drinks


Smithsonian writes about BevShots, a company that sells microscope photographs of the crystallized form of alcoholic beverages, like tequila, above, and white wine and scotch, seen below.

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Pumpkin Tap turns pumpkin or watermelon into keg

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The Pumpkin Tap turns hollowed-out pumpkins and watermelons into drink dispensers! I think most any beer faucet and shank would work, but this is a fun idea.

The water sommelier of Los Angeles


Martin Riese is the water sommelier at Ray's and Stark Bar at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Yes, you read right. Don't miss reading the full tasting menu (PDF). More at (Thanks, Bob Pescovitz!)

Boozy ice-cream man banned

The operator of an ice-cream van in south London was removed from his sweet beat after being charged with driving drunk. Parents concerned about the smell of alcohol summoned police, who found him to be over twice the legal driving limit. While this remains "relatively low" by British drunken-driving standards, the judge said that the nature of his vehicle was a "serious aggravating factor," and issued a 20-month driving ban.

Buzz Aldrin speaks out against Tang

According to Buzz Aldrin though, "Tang sucks." (NBC News)

Entire fridgeful of drinks destroyed after poison scare

A San Jose woman was arrested Monday over allegations that she spiked bottles of Starbucks' orange juice with rubbing alcohol.

World noticing US microbreweries

"Once widely mocked, US beer is now popular globally", writes the BBC's Jon Kelly. "Why is the world buying in to the American brewing revolution?"

Cyberpunk juice, 1984

I remember this stuff! Imagine carbonated denatured pruno and you about have it.

Girl's stomach removed after liquid nitrogen cocktail drunk

The BBC's Amy Gladwell: "As the frozen vapour hits the stomach it rapidly warms, releasing large volumes of air which can burst the stomach. Doctors performed emergency surgery to remove Gaby Scanlon's stomach, an operation known as a total gastrectomy"

Russian soft-drinks explained: tastes like forests, rye bread, licorice, bubblegum

On Metafilter, Deathalicious rounds up links to some of the more interesting drinks mentioned in two videos by YouTube user 513755, explaining the various uniquely regional Russian and ex-Soviet soft-drinks.

A few of the drinks mentioned, with tasting notes:

  • Kvass - a strong sweet/sour beverage, with a definite flavor of rye bread.
  • Tarkhun - very pronounced herbal flavor, delicately tart. Unmistakable tarragon flavor (close to anise/licorice but "greener").
  • Baikal - tastes like a forest. Really. Strong evergreen and pine sap notes.
  • Buratino [link goes to origin of the name] - golden bubblegum soda. [Bonus NSFW Buratino Weirdness]

Russian Soft Drinks

(Image: Tapxyh.jpg, Wikimedia Commons/Yy-bo)