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The awesome glory that is Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

How imaginary worlds can help save the real world, by Jason LouvRead the rest

D&D 5th edition Monster Manual review: a deep resource for DMs

What should you expect from the D&D Fifth Edition Monster Manual? Matt M. Casey says depth, texture, and story. "It may be Wizards’ best Monster Manual ever."Read the rest

Dark Dungeons: Seduced by the exotic and sinister world of role playing games

Dark Dungeons is a crowd-funded movie based on a Jack Chick religious tract of the same name. Cory posted about the Kickstarter earlier, and now it's finished. Here's the first 8-minutes. You can buy the full movie for $5. (Thanks, CN!)

My 20-year-obsession with DragonStrike's instructional videotape

"Not only have I watched the instructional VHS that came with the DragonStrike board game at least once a month since I was ten," says Don Jolly, "I've pulled this tape out at parties. I've inflicting this tape on friends. God help me, I’ve shown this thing to girls. Then, I met the video's creator."Read the rest

Can D&D make a person confident and successful? [video]

Heath says,

The latest episode of PBS Digital Studios’ weekly Web series Idea Channel suggests that table top fantasy games like Dungeons & Dragons, despite their repeated skewering throughout pop culture, can actually help make a person more confident and successful. Dungeons & Dragons players often have to endure a certain amount of stereotyping and even some mockery at the hands of non-players. However, despite the derisions of dismissive outsiders, these games offer players a chance to learn problem solving, visualization, interaction, organization, people management -- all skills attributed to larger-world success. Host Mike Rugnetta, an admitted player himself, explores how D&D and related games help people learn methods for collaboration that easily translate to other aspects of daily life.

Can D&D Make a Person Confident and Successful?