Now: XKCD helps you visualize the time of day all over the world

In Now, the latest XKCD cartoon, Randall Munroe provides a handy, continuously updated way to visualize the current time all over the world. I happen to know that Munroe is an inveterate long-distance driver who likes to pass the hours on the road by calling friends; I imagine that a wheel like this would be handy for helping him figure out which continent he should be searching for in his address-book in order to find conversational partners at any hour of day.

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America should have two time-zones

Allison Schrager proposes that America should end Daylight Saving and consolidate its timezones into just two -- the Eastern zone goes back, Central/Mountain do nothing, and Pacific goes forward. She makes a persuasive argument that the nation already conducts its business on coastal time, and cites the safety and coordination costs of losing sleep, de-synchronizing with the rest of the world, and generally suffering from confusion and disorientation from a system designed in 1883. Read the rest