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AIG necropsy: taxpayer billions, direct to their pockets.

"The very design of the federal assistance to A.I.G. was that tens of billions of dollars of government money was funneled inexorably and directly to A.I.G.'s counterparties." A necropsy of the AIG deal, in the NYT. Spoiler: we lose. (lifted from Mitch Kapor)

Unemployment stats in the USA just got worse

America's official national unemployment rate is now 10.2%. But there are more sad numbers in the Bureau of Labor Statistics's October report, out today. Jobless rate in some states is higher. Michigan's the most grim: 15.1 percent. Nevada: 13.0, Rhode Island: 12.9, California: 12.5, South Carolina: 12.1. Over the year, rates are up in all 50 states and in D.C. Among cities, Detroit's tops. 30%. The actual, practical toll of unemployment is worse when you count the underemployed and those on the streets and off the grid.

Cats for Gold: turn your glitter to litter!

catsforgold.jpg Sell your old gold and jewels and get cats delivered right to your front door. An internet riff on the troubled online pawn shop Cash for Gold. (via Calpernia Addams)