Fury Road is still comprehensible at 12x speed

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Vashi Nedomansky sped up five movies that had shorter-than-average scene lengths and sped them up 1200%; alone among them, Mad Max: Fury Road was still comprehensible. The rest just dissolve into jump-cuts. Read the rest

The intensity of live TV editing of the Oscars in 1996

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I don't know if things have changed much in 20 years, but this behind-the-scenes glimpse of the guy in charge of live editing the Oscars in 1996 is fascinating. I'd rather watch him than the stars. Read the rest

See the shot similarities between all of the Indiana Jones films


"Indiana Jones 4 and the Echoes of the Past" Read the rest

Seven minutes of Zach King's brilliant "digital sleight of hand"

Bravo, Zach King! Here's a profile of King, the master of what he calls "digital sleight of hand." And of course, more of his video fun at Vine and YouTube. Read the rest