Bonobo's new music video featuring the Moroccan sound of Bambro Koyo Ganda

Bonobo (aka Simon Green) just released this beautiful new music video for the track "Bambro Koyo Ganda" from his album Migration out now on Ninja Tune. The track features Innov Gnawa, a fantastic Moroccan music collective formed in New York City. Stylewar directed the clip.

Bonobo is currently on tour around the US and Europe.

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Failing car alarm has a great beat

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Listen, free: Four Tet’s new two-track, 40-minute album, “Morning/Evening”

The mystical, lilting sounds of the great Indian vocalist Lata Mangeshkar feature prominently on this two-track record.

8-bit instant photo gun

Yes, you read that right. This video shows a gameboy, connected to a handgun, that when you point and shoot, takes a picture. Which then prints out on a thermal paper rollm like a grocery store receipt. Read the rest

Children's choir sings Crystal Castles

London's Capital Children's Choir covers "Untrust Us" by lo-fi electronica duo Crystal Castles. Read the rest

Weird cyberpunk game has pounding electronic soundtrack

Electronic musician Tettix's latest is Cool Pizza, the soundtrack to a bizarre and brutally difficult iOS game by the same name, which renders Space Harrier-style gameplay in pink spot color and halftone patterns. "This is different from most of my stuff," writes T. "It's fast and furious cyperpunk and all the titles are demonic pizza toppings." Read the rest