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Nadia Drake on her dad's equation for finding ET


In 1961 just a few days before a meeting of scientists interested in the search for ET, pioneering astronomer Frank Drake came up with a powerful provocation: an equation to estimate the number of worlds likely to harbor extraterrestrial civilizations; over at National Geographic, his science writer daughter Nadia looks at her dad's impact.


More than 50 years after it was written, the Drake equation still guides ways of thinking about how to find E.T. As the years have passed and instruments sharpened, astronomers have started to refine and fill in numbers for the equation's variables. But the variables themselves have stayed the same. My dad is repeatedly asked whether any factors are missing, he tells me, but "as far I know, they're not." He says that even when suggested missing factors seem "reasonable," they can already be found in one of the seven factors he came up with in 1961.
"How My Dad's Equation Sparked the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence"

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial: "Elliott's" audition

This year is the 30th anniversary of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. Above is a clip from Henry Thomas's audition for the roll of Elliott. In a recent Esquire interview, Thomas recalled his audition for Steven Spielberg:

NewImageI read a scene from some early version of the script, and then I was asked to do an improvisation. I think the gist of the improv was, "You found someone, and they're going to take them away from you, and it's your friend, and you really don't want your friend to go away." So I started crying, and really going for it I guess.