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Lockpick earrings

Matthew (of Guy Fawkes bandanna fame) writes, " These acid-etched stainless steel lockpick earrings are an elegant accessory perfect for quick escapes, late nights, and lost keys. They feature a selection of picks, rakes, and a tension bar. The earrings are slim and lightweight, meant for wearing around everyday and having a set on hand in case of emergencies - getting locked out, losing your keys, or showing up everybody at a spontaneous locksport competition." 35 bucks (cheap!).

Lock Pick Earrings

Felted Star Wars characters

Etsy seller Famished makes spectacular felted figurines based on pop-culture favorites, espically Star Wars (though there's a pretty great Totoro in the bunch. Prices range from $10 to $85 (for the AT-AT, which is the most geometrical felted item I've ever seen).

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Beaded death's head hawkmoth brooch

Etsy seller Beadedmischka sells this death's head hawkmoth beaded brooch for $75. The beads are Japanese Toho and Miyuki Delica; the skull is glass.

Bead Embroidered Brooch Death's-head Hawkmoth (via Make)

Kraken book-ends

Etsy seller Dellamorteco's $250 kraken bookends are made of resin and hand-painted; they're beautiful (as are his Tentacle Candlestick Holders). My only concern is that the resin might not be heavy enough to hold the books in place -- I've lost some beautiful bookends when they were pushed off the shelf and to the floor far below.

Kraken Bookends, Limited Edition (via Bonniegrrl)

Fan-made Batman scalemaille

Etsy seller CreationsChristopher has listed a $9500 suit of Batman scalemaille, originally made for a Batfan project called Legends: The Dark Knight. It's handmade, took 350 hours to complete, and weighs 60 lbs.

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Anatomical sweatshirt you can't have

Today's horrible, crushing disappointment comes to you from Etsy seller GreatWhiteVintage, who discovered this vintage anatomical sweatshirt with a flap showing the brains-n-stuff, and then sold it to someone else.

Weird but Awesome Sweatshirt - Body Anatomy Science Teacher - Pink Shirt (via Neatorama)

Transforming Xenomorph ring/brass knuckles

Etsy seller kilroysattic makes a $60 Aliens/Xenomorph themed ring that transforms into a set of brass knuckles. Leaving aside the macho silliness of brass knuckles, it's a pretty fantastic piece, and a very clever mechanism for effecting the transformation. And the Xenomorph itself is a beautiful piece of van-art chic. If that's not your taste, check out his pirate ship/kraken ring

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Optimus Prime ring

Etsy seller Princeofdiamonds makes a $100, sterling silver, hand-cast Optimus Prime ring that's pretty awesome-looking!

SS-2767 Optimus Prime Transformers Sterling silver autobot Ring Pick Your Ring Size We Have Sizes 3 to 14 (via Geeks Are Sexy)

AT-ST steampunk desk-lamp

The AT-SP Steampunk Walker desk lamp is for sale in WWWorks's Etsy store, and ships from Budapest. Its legs are jointed, as is its brass boiler. It's 35cm tall, and sells for $1,250.

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Haunted Mansion blueprints for sale

There are a lot of hi-rez bitmaps of the blueprints and schematics for various Disney rides and effects floating around on the Web. But Etsy's BlueprintPlace does them up right, as with this Walt Disney World Haunted Mansion Singing Statues Blueprint, "with ammonia activated paper on a Diazit blueprint machine." Cool!

BlueprintPlace (Thanks, Rocketdyke!)

Nerdy waistcoats

Spotted at Comic-Con: EvaVanecek's wonderful handmade Star Trek men's waistcoats, which are a steal at $80, and are nicely tailored too (I tried one on). She also does Marvel Superheroes, and has a line of tuxedo vests, including Star Wars and others.

Star Trek pattern men's vests with buttons for closure

Octopus necklace and earrings

Spotted today at Comic-Con, the amazing polymer clay tentacle necklaces of Killer Tentacle Octopus, whose Etsy shop is temporarily shut. What a piece!


Mario pipe-lamp

Etsy's TRoweDesigns makes gorgeous lamps out of metal plumbing fixtures and whimsical extras. I love his (sold out!) Mario lamp, but there's plenty here to like.

TRoweDesigns (via Oh Gizmo)

Denture jewelry

Etsy seller ConcaveOblivion makes lovely, grotesque jewelry out of dentures; including hair-combs and bracelets.

ConcaveOblivion (via JWZ)

Dewey Decimal jewelry

Some bookish jewelry and accessories from Etsy make good use of Dewey Decimal classifications, such as thependantemporium's I still believe in 398.2 (fairy tales) pendants (see also).

Then there's writtennerd's earrings made with Dewey numbers culled from real old hand-typed card catalogs (necklaces, too)!

(via BookRiot)