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HOPE X conference: Dissent in NYC

Emmanuel from 2600 writes, "It should come as no surprise that dissent is playing a prominent role at the HOPE X conference this July in New York. So many technological developments of late involve standing up to authority and questioning the status quo. Whether it's using social media to organize people into doing something worthwhile, exposing security holes in the face of threats and lawsuits, becoming a whistleblower by using the information and technology we have access to, or just getting the word out about the latest laws, restrictions, and threats to our freedom and privacy, a lot of what we talk about constitutes one form or another of dissent. And it feels pretty good and healthy to speak out and share knowledge."

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Magician Rudy Coby's Magic vs. Science week at Magic Castle in LA

Last night my wife, daughter, and I went to the Magic Castle in Hollywood to see magician Rudy Coby's high energy and exciting "Magic vs. Science" show, which combines magic, music, and dance. Rudy also scheduled all the performers at the Castle this week, including Kevin James, Jeff McBride, Rafael, Timo Marc, Andrew Goldenhersh, Chris Korn, Michael Davis, and Mark Mitton. If you can find a way to go, I recommend it.
Grudge match? Experimental show business? Theatrical alchemy? What the heck is Rudy Coby's "Magic vs. Science" at the Magic Castle in Hollywood April 21st through 27th? Is it a magic show? Technically, yes. Is it a science project? Laugh-out-loud pseudo-science, perhaps. Is it entertaining? Yes. Magician Rudy Coby (who plays a scientist) is teaming up with dancer/choreographer Pharside (who plays a magician) to present illusion, movement and music to audiences at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood this week. It's a special mix of maker-magicians, rule-breaking entertainers, and innovative acts like Academy of Villains and DJ Swamp, who weave the art of illusion into other forms of performance. The Castle, which is home to The Academy of Magical Arts, is a private clubhouse for magicians and fans of magic. Those who would like to see Rudy's show are encouraged to visit and check out the "Open Sesame Membership." This one-month trial membership was created to provide anyone curious about joining the club way to get their foot in the door.

Wolfgang Pauli opera in Austin: For Fear the Glass May Shatter

Jon Lebkowsky sez, "My amazing friend, neurocomputing specialist, musician & composer David Demaris has created the most geek-tastic opera ever, For Fear the Glass May Shatter. It's been produced as part of Austin's Fusebox Festival, and is running through this weekend at the Vortex Theatre here."

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A record shop of fictional albums

Toby Barlow says: "Attention music lovers, designers, art directors, this is a very fun project we have just launched. We're going to create a record shop of fictional albums, and we would like you to be a part of it. Remember the lost art of the album? When you would stare at the Roxy Music, Iron Maiden, Clash, Smashing Pumpkins, Prince, Zeppelin, Cure, Yes or Joy Division album cover for hours at end? This is your chance to make AND sell your own album. For details, or to get involved, contact us here."

SF in SF: Daniel Suarez and Andy Weir in San Francisco this Saturday

Rina writes, "Join SF in SF on Sat., April 12 for our author event! Authors Daniel Suarez (Influx) and Andy Weir (The Martian) will each read a selection from their work, followed by Q&A moderated by author Terry Bisson. Booksigning and schmoozing follows, with books for sale courtesy of Borderlands Books. The event will be podcasted by the Sword & Laser Podcast." Cory 2

Daniel Ellsberg to keynote HOPE X in NYC this summer

2600 Magazine's Emmanuel Goldstein writes, "Acclaimed whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg will be keynoting at this summer's HOPE X conference in New York City. Ellsberg leaked the infamous Pentagon Papers, 7,000 pages of documents that wound up changing American history forever. Today's whistleblowers are treated far more harshly, both by the authorities and the mainstream media, often facing lengthly prison terms or a life on the run. Fortunately, Ellsberg has remained involved and connected. A whole new generation will hear his words in person and hopefully be inspired to reveal the truth from whatever corporate or government position they find themselves in." Cory 2

Dead Kennedy artist Winston Smith's art exhibition in SF 4/4/2014

The fantastic artist Winston Smith (who designed the Alternative Tentacles record label logo, and the Dead Kennedys' logo), has a show this Friday at Grant's Tomb gallery in San Francisco. It's called "Greetings from OBLIVION," and is in celebration of the Tenth 3-year Plan of Orwell's book 1984. Here's the full scoop.

HOPE X/EFF fundraiser

Emmanuel Goldstein from 2600 Magazine writes, "This summer's HOPE X conference is having a special EFF fundraiser for the entire month of April. Ten percent of every ticket sale will be donated to the Electronic Frontier Foundation as recognition of the essential work they're doing for the entire online community. In addition, there will be a huge EFF presence at the HOPE X conference, with multiple talks and presentations. HOPE X is being held July 18-20 at the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City." Cory 2

Post-scarcity hacker convention: !!Con

Sumana is helping put on a new kind of hacker conference in NYC, !!Con (pronounced "Bang bang con"). Unlike other hacker cons, !!Con has no ranking, no winners, and no dominance displays: "Whenever possible, Hacker School culture assumes abundance rather than scarcity; attempts to rank projects or people would defile our ecology." Cory 9

Bay Area drone-fliers' meetup

Jeffrey writes, "Bay area flyers, come talk and fly drones over pizza and beer in our massive 17 foot tall ceiling warehouse! Amateur and professionals are welcome to come and talk drones and show off their airframes in action. We'll have plenty of charging stations, onsite repair workbench, tasty local beer, and food/snacks for flyers. Compete for fun prizes, fame, and whimsical trophies in our drone flying contests. Starts at noon on April 5, contests start at 2 PM. Plenty of parking and free for all." Cory 3

Stage adaptation of Tim Powers' Anubis Gates at this summer's Worldcon

Tim Powers' outstanding fantasy novel The Anubis Gates has been adapted for the stage and it will premiere at Loncon 3, this summer's World Science Fiction Convention. I've been excited as hell about having a Worldcon in town, but this is some awfully nice icing on the cake!

The Anubis Gates (via IO9)

Free Rudy Rucker books at Scribd tonight

Rudy Rucker writes, "I'll be reading and giving out BIG AHA and some other titles at Scribd in San Francisco on Thursday." Cory 1

The Invocation: an evening of profane ritual, ancient cocktails, and enlightenment (Los Angleles)

Obscura Society LA is privileged to invite members to attend what is believed to be the city's longest-running closed society dedicated to exploring the mysteries of the Trickster Coyote, hitherto barred to non-initiates. This is a one-time opportunity: following the end of the Invocation, it will once again be closed to the public. Put your hand in ours and pass through the threshold. Faith will be your reward.
March 28, 2014: The Invocation

Michigan's Penguicon will focus on crypto and privacy this year

Scott sez, "Privacy and security has been a huge problem since the Snowden revelations, and midwest SF/open source software convention Penguicon [ed: near Detroit!] wants to be part of the solution. With Guest of Honor Eva Galperin from the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Cory Doctorow returning as Guest Emeritus, much of their tech track is focused on finding answers to the recent privacy problems highlighted by Snowden. Pre-registration tickets are available until April 1st. Programming was just announced." (Thanks, Scott!)

Machine Project book sale fundraiser in LA on Sunday, March 23rd

Machine Project in Los Angeles is a National Treasure. It's a combination gallery space, hacker space, and performance center. It has been operating for about a decade.

Here are the few of the things I've done at Machine Project over the years: Given sauerkraut making classes. Participated in fallen fruit jam making workshops. Attended a 100W light bulb oven bake off. Held Maker Faire auditions. Hosted a Boing Boing Meet Up. Talked about my whittling projects. Enrolled my daughter in lock-picking and car hot-wiring classes. Played in a giant capsized ship. And that just scratches the surface of what happens at Machine Project..

This Sunday, Machine Project is holding a book sale fundraiser. Bring books! Buy books! I'll be there - to bring and buy!

Machine Project Book Sale Fundraiser