An epic non-stop action adventure movie that will challenge your senses

Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn is a great example of a movie I wished I'd forgotten, so I share it with you.

Here is the full movie. Read the rest

Cinematic Japanese tourism ad draws on martial arts traditions

Diamond Route Japan went all in on this gorgeous series of tourism ads. Their living samurai spirit ad taps into the romantic view of Japan depicted in their renowned epic period films. Read the rest

Fifty years later, the same flight takes longer. Why?

Fifty years ago, American Airlines' flight from New York to Los Angeles took 5 hours and 43 minutes. The same flight is 6 hours and 27 minutes today. Wendover Productions examines why planes don't fly faster in this interesting video. Read the rest

How to make a DIY blooming marshmallow

Dominique Ansel, the guy who created cronut and cookie milk cups (previously), also created the blooming marshmallow, which opens like a flower in hot chocolate to reveal a chocolate truffle. Popsugar reverse engineered one and shared their technique. Read the rest

Imposing architectural photography by Sebastian Weiss

Hamburg-based photographer Sebastian Weiss is known for taking stark, clean images of remarkable buildings against bright blue mid-day skies. The results are remarkable. Read the rest

The art of compositing explained in the coolest way possible

Roy Peker created this fantastic explainer about VFX and digital compositing. Read the rest

Watch mesmerizing forms complement the music of Symmetry

Symmetry is a single by Max Cooper and Tom Hodge from Max's EP Emergence. Designer Kevin McGloughlin created a stunning video of teal and copper concentric circles morphing and meshing in surprising and hypnotic ways. Read the rest

Making coffee with the BioLite CookStove

The friendly folks at BioLite (makers of innovative battery-powered lighting, solar charging batteries, and other cool field gear) sent me a BioLite CookStove to try out. Imagine a tin can that holds burning sticks. And attached to that can is a battery pack with a fan that blows air into the can, which makes the sticks burn hot and bright. You can put a pot on top of the can to cook food or boil water. That's what the CookStove is.

I tried it out by making some coffee in my backyard (see my video, above). First, I found a small branch that fell from a tree during the last torrential downpour here in LA. It was already dried out from a few days in the sun. I snapped it into 4-inch pieces. I also found some pieces of eucalyptus bark, which were thin and kind of rolled up like cigars. I put a few sticks and some bark into the can and lit it with a match. Once it was burning pretty good, I turned on the fan to the lowest setting (one of four levels) and slowly added more and thicker pieces of wood. The fire made a nice "jet engine" sound. But I got overzealous and stuffed too many pieces in at once and it started belching white smoke. After a minute, the fire inside the can was roaring again, and almost smokeless. I put my coffee maker on top and in a couple of minutes the coffee was finished. Read the rest

When an Elephant Falls in Love — an irresistible meditation on the quest for connection

Award-winning children’s author, Davide Cali, teamed up with visual artist, Alice Lotti, to create When an Elephant Falls in Love, a book about the sweet and silly things one does for love.

A no-named elephant works hard to impress the one he adores. He tries to eat healthy foods (no cheesecake!), he takes daily baths (and washes behind his ears), he tries on stylish neckties, and he leaves flowers on a doorstep (but runs away before the door is opened). He’s unsure, confused, gleeful and sometimes sad. He’s normal. He’s in love.

But does he enchant his beloved?

Charming pen and ink illustrations accompany text that is understandable to children and truly relatable to adults as well.

Appropriate for ages 4-8.

– Carole Rosner

When an Elephant Falls in Love by Davide Cali, Alice Lotti (Illustrator) Chronicle Books 2016, 32 pages, 7.8 x 0.5 x 10.5 inches, Hardcover $10 Buy on Amazon Read the rest

Smoke break: break dancing with smoke grenades

Cinematographer Ali Kubba captured this cool footage of break dancers with smoke grenades. Read the rest

Check out Tank and the Bangas, 2017 NPR Tiny Desk contest winners

Six thousand musicians entered NPR's Tiny Desk Concert competition, but this year's unanimous winner was Tank and the Bangas for this delightful jam. Read the rest

The Mad Max cars look just as fantastic before the dirt

Photographer John Platt took these astonishing shots of the picture cars from Mad Max: Fury Road. Even out of their dusty element, they look absolutely menacing. Read the rest

Small dog fails to convince big dog she is big

Nemo barely has to move to fend off Zuul's most powerful attacks. Read the rest

365 Things to Do With Lego Bricks - excellent activity book

If you have a bunch of Lego bricks, this is an excellent idea book for making unusual things with them. Examples: micro-scale houses, a calendar, an animated bear head, a memory challenge game, a drawing machine, a 3D greeting card, a vanishing egg magic trick. The people who put together this well-photographed book are creative and smart. Read the rest

Meet Japan's 10-year-old philosopher, published author, and grade school dropout

Tofugu (where Carla is executive editor) interviewed Bao Nakashima, the 10 year old author of the hit Japanese book, Seeing, Knowing, Thinking.

Q. You said, "No need to read the air." What do you mean by that?

It literally means "Having a life that follows your honest feelings." Air is data, so I think we can leave it to artificial intelligence.

Q. What is your current study method?

If I had to give my study method a name, it might be "open-ended." Although it is like learning the concept of social interest in Adlerian psychology, I think my study method doesn't have a name yet.

Read the rest

Making rainbow magic with dissolving Skittles

Hot water on a ring of Skittles! (via The Kid Should See This) Read the rest

After 20 years, 'Pigs In Space' of 'The Muppet Show' has returned

Trichinosis will seem like a walk in the park after what Captain Link Hogthrob has to endure in this Muppets Alien sendup starring First Mate Piggy.

Read the rest

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