Turkey splits up fight between roosters

Dennis Coon was unable to stop two roosters kicking off in the yard, but Officer Gobbles was having none of it. Read the rest

Brawl in Turkish parliament

After 2016's bungled coup and as part of his subsequent crackdown on political enemies and the media, Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan wants new powers to hire and fire government ministers. The debate in Turkey's parliament got out of hand, with members of the ruling AK Party and opposition Republican People's Party getting into fisticuffs. Read the rest

Sword-wielding robber finds that store clerk also has sword

[From 2015]: En garde!

Read the rest

Hair salon smackdown: bad haircut recipient v. inordinately loyal customer

At a hair salon somewhere in America, it's going down: "Your wife is assaulting me! I'm gonna shut you guys down after this!" Read the rest

Nutella addict punches old man in face

The Burbank Leader reports that a 78-year-old man was attacked after telling a fellow shopper that they had taken quite enough free Nutella from the sample cart.

Writes Alene Tchekmedyian:

Burbank resident Derrick Gharabighi, 24, had snagged several samples when the elderly shopper told him to take just one, said Burbank Police Officer Cindy Guillen.

That’s when Gharabighi reportedly punched the man in the face, leaving him to be hospitalized with a one-inch cut and swelling above his eye, Guillen said.

Gharabighi now faces elder abuse charges. [via Arbroath] Read the rest

Man calmly sips drink as brawl erupts around him

A man in Russia watches unfazed as a bunch of troublemakers stream into the cafe and reduce it to chaos, sending other customers fleeing. Read the rest

Cat vs Owl

Frank Platt via Arbroath. Read the rest

Dude breaks up fight on NYC subway with bag of chips

[Video Link] SNACKMAN! (thanks, Sean Bonner) Read the rest