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Revolver takes a picture every time you pull the trigger

From the Netherlands' National Archive, a 1938 photo taken in New York City of a Colt revolver that has been modified to shoot a picture with every trigger pull. Presumably most of those photos are of people looking horrified and about to say something like, "Oh Christ, you turned your gun into a camera? No, don't point it at me! Ahh!"

(via Super Punch)

Steampunky junkbots

Spaceboy Robot makes beautiful, steampunky junkbot sculptures; he's also a talented photographer of same, and he has an Etsy store (though it's on hiatus).

Spaceboy Robot (via Neatorama)

Flying Spaghetti Monster cosplayer

DotD snapped this excellent photo of an adorable Flying Spaghetti Monster cosplayer at this year's DragonCon.I love the noodly appendages!

Flying Spaghetti Monster (sexy version!)

Chalk memorial for Jack Layton in front of Toronto's New City Hall

Responding to the death of Jack Layton, head of Canada's New Democratic Party and a former Toronto City Councillor, Torontonians thronged Nathan Phillips Square, a large public space in front of New City Hall, and chalked memorial messages over every surface.

Remembering Jack Layton at Nathan Phillips Square (Thanks, Emily!)

Junkbot flying saucer

From the Boing Boing Flickr Pool: a glorious junkbot called the "Scout Ship for Landfill Art project" from CyberCraft Robots.

Scout Ship for Landfill Art project - Industrial and Found Object assemblage sculpture from CyberCraft Robots