Oatmeal fundraiser for Tesla museum is a triumph

The Oatmeal's campaign to raise funds to preserve and develop the 16 acre plot in Wardenclyffe, Long Island where Nikola Tesla's lab once stood has concluded successfully. The fundraiser aimed to raise $850,000 and ended up with $1.4 million, with donations from over 100 countries. The money was given to a group called The Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe, and was used to buy the land from the Agfa Corporation, its erstwhile owner.

With The Oatmeal's help, nonprofit buys property to build a Tesla Museum

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Help Spider and Jeanne Robinson's daughter fight cancer

Terri Luanna DaSilva is the daughter of science fiction writers Spider and Jeanne Robinson. Readers will remember that Jeanne died of cancer in 2010. Now the family has been visited by cancer again: Terri has Stage IV metastatic breast cancer -- and a two-year-old daughter. She's fighting it, and Spider is asking his fans and friends to send her good wishes, read her excellent blog, and help cover her expenses. Read the rest

Hacker Prom tonight at San Francisco's Noisebridge hackerspace

NoiseBridge, the celebrated hackerspace in San Francisco's Mission district, is celebrating its third anniversary tonight with a Hacker Prom. There's a makeout room (featuring Makerbots), pre-spiked punch, and awkward prom photos. You're encouraged to bring a robot date. Oh, this does look fun!

The whole event is a fundraiser for NoiseTor, a part of the TOR anonymizing proxy system, which creates and manages Tor nodes for those without the time to set one up themselves.

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Unbeaten by Rain: charitable poster to raise money for Japan's new orphans

My friend Yasuko is a Japanese woman living in London. She was haunted and moved by the recent disasters in Japan, and decided to undertake a fundraiser for the people who were hurt and displaced by the tsunami, quake, and nuclear disaster. She translated Miyazawa Kenji's beautiful poem "Unbeaten By Rain" into English, and produced a beautiful poster with a lovely typographic treatment of the poem. She's selling the poster as a fundraiser for £20; all net proceeds go to Ashinaga, a 40-year-old Tokyo nonprofit that provides "education-focused financial and emotional support to children who have a parent/guardian with a serious disability, or who have lost one or both parents/guardians due to illness, accident, disaster, or suicide."

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Twitter-organized essay collection to benefit Japan quake, with contributions from Gibson and Yoko Ono

2:46: Aftershocks: Stories from the Japan Earthquake is a fundraising anthology of essays about the Japan quake and tsunami. It was organized on Twitter and published in a very short time (it's a Kindle book). Contributors include Yoko Ono and William Gibson, who explains his motives to the Globe and Mail:
His contribution begins with a description of a weird scene he once witnessed in Tokyo while riding in a taxi along an elevated highway and seeing into a lit room where a naked man sat at a long marble table. That unsettling vision leads him into "this strange meditation on the profound restlessness I was feeling after the quake and the tsunami, which made me feel I should go there, I should do something. I don't even know if it was an urge to help. It was an urge to make sure one of my favourite places was there..."

"These are what the Victorians would have called occasional pieces: 'on the occasion of the great earthquake.' The form is an ancient one, but the platform is up to date. ... In the past, it was gathered after the fact. Now, we have this facility to respond in real time."

2:46: Aftershocks: Stories from the Japan Earthquake

(Globe and Mail)

Quakebook excerpts

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WWIII propaganda posters for sale, 25% to EFF

Brian sez, "Back in June, Boing Boing posted when I first made the digital versions of the WWIII Posters. Now three of them are on sale on my site (listed), with 25% of the proceeds going towards the EFF!"

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Help fund a new multicultural SFF publisher for kids

SF author Mary Robinette Kowal sez,
Once upon a time, someone starting a new publishing house would either have a personal fortune or would seek large private investors. Crowdsourced fundraising allows the masses to chip in for projects they believe in.

Tu Publishing is worth getting behind. It is a small, independent multicultural SFF press for children and YA and they are raising money for startup costs right now. I've had the opportunity to correspond with Stacy Whitman, the force behind it, in my role as SFWA secretary and she's sharp, knows the industry and is passionate about YA and SF.

The catch is that the fundraiser only has four more days to go and they only have 40% of their total.

"Fantasy and science fiction, mystery and historical fiction--these genres draw in readers like no other. Yet it is in these genres that readers of color might feel most like an outsider, given that such a large percentage features white characters (when they feature human characters). It is the goal of Tu Publishing to publish genre books for children and young adults that fill this gap in the market--and more importantly, this gap in serving our readers. By focusing on multicultural settings and characters in fantastic stories, we also open up worlds to all readers."

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