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A walk through art history, told in a series of imaginative shoe designs


Nick Adelman says he created this series of designs with one goal in mind:

“To create a shoe as a summation of an entire culture’s art.

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Brace yourself for Amazon Prime Day 2: Electric Boogaloo

A parody of Amazon's much-mocked Prime Day, by ThinkHero.

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Watch a British prankster shower corrupt FIFA chief Sepp Blatter with fake bank notes


“Controversial FIFA leader Sepp Blatter was showered with fake bank notes by British prankster Lee Nelson at a press conference today.”



Bear Belly Flop over Alaska waterfall

Captured at Katmai National Park in Alaska.

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The “There Their and They're” Song, by Jonathan Mann


Two years ago today, Jonathan “Song A Day” Mann published this song. It's as timely as ever.

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WATCH: Chaperone at concert makes the best of a dad situation

Taking the kids to see The Vamps? Might as well bust some old school moves and have more fun a than those bored dads at One Direction concerts.

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Naked drunk guy found in barn cavorting with hogs. Again. “I just like pigs,” he tells cops.



A Pennsylvania man has been charged with trespassing, public drunkenness and indecent exposure after he was discovered in a neighbor's hog barn in the nude, drinking beer amongst pigs.

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Watch every one of Kramer's entrances from Seinfeld, in order

Six minutes, 172 episodes.

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Video perfectly captures CAPTCHA anxiety

If you've ever stressed out about the new batch of timed CAPTCHAs that involve math equations, games, or inaudable audio, this video on CAPTCHA anxiety by videogamedunkey may feel all too familiar.


Gun Dog: “Part dog, part gun, all cop!”

A short film from a few years ago by 39 Degrees North: GUNDOG. “Part dog, part gun, all cop!”

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Little girl not particularly pumped to be on this amusement park ride at all, actually


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WATCH: Impressive GTA V homage to US marriage equality

N&B Gaming commemorated US marriage equality with a fabulous GTA V rainbow dance party, till the cops showed up. Stick around for hilarious outtakes.

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A New Confederate Flag

tumblr_nr4t5g5I8A1uavmeyo1_1280 New Confederate Flag: a tumblog of greatness.

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Dogs jumping rope

Better than you do, says the Dodo (who made this supercut). But hey, why compare? They jump better than we expect them to.

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Watch: Bartkira (Akira meets The Simpsons)

"The future is not a straight line. It is filled with many crossroads."

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Not a bug


Jones' Good-Ass BBQ and Foot Massage

Never gets old, even though these TV ad viral videos first came out in 2007-8, if I recall correctly.

I neither know nor care whether this is, or ever was, a real business. I choose to believe.

Huh, and they run a truck and storage firm, and they're also lawyers.

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fryanything 20090423-invideos-jonesbbq

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