How a sewing machine works (gif edition)


An ancient mystery revealed. Read the rest

Just look at this (unofficial) Andy Warhol/Velvet Underground Electric Banana Record Player


Just look at it.

(Thanks, James!) Read the rest

A digital, 3D printed sundial whose precise holes cast a shadow displaying the current time


Julldozer created an amazingly clever digital sundial ("Cadran Solaire Numérique") that precomputes the angle of the sun throughout the day and uses those computations to make hundreds of precise holes calibrated to cast a shadow displaying the present time. Read the rest

Beautiful, 1 oz calavera and oracle coins


Dead on Paper makes many beautiful, strange things, but I'm most taken by two of its custom coins. Read the rest

Kickstarting a tool to block robocalls and tie up scammers


Roger Anderson, a telephony expert, developed the Jolly Roger Telephone Company to block and madden robocallers. Read the rest

To do in Toronto: Create a Rey doll hackathon


Many people have noticed that the female lead character Rey is notably underrepresented in the tsunami of Star Wars: The Force Awakens toys. Read the rest

5200mAh portable USB charger for $4.59


This deal is probably for US customers only, but it's a good one. The highly rated Poweradd Pilot X1 5200mAh Portable Charger External Battery Pack is regularly $13, but if you use code E879NFK8 at final checkout you can get it for $4.59. I just bought one, because I can never have enough battery packs. Read the rest

Bright magnetic LED lights


I bought a pair of these magnetic clip lights last year and they've proven to be incredibly useful when I have to do repair work. The light has 8 LEDs and it throws a pretty wide beam of bright light. It sticks securely to any ferrous metal surface and has a clip so you can attach it to your pocket. I used it recently when I was installing a new safety switch in a washing machine. I stuck it on the side of the washing machine cabinet and it gave me plenty of light to attach the ground wire and route the cable. I haven't had to change the batteries yet, either.

The price is right, too. A set of 2 costs $9 on Amazon. Read the rest

INTERVIEW: Hip Hop Family Tree's Ed Piskor on the weird old tools of classic comics


Ed Piskor, creator of Hip Hop Family Tree (which debuted right here at Boing Boing) shared with us some of the ancient artistic tools that inspires his unique technique.

While drawing a splendid Happy Mutant, he takes us through his "war chest": zip-a-tone sheets, letraset, a Leroy lettering gadget, risography, and the immortal spirit of great cartooning.

He also muses on what it's like to teach students who know every corner of a Wacom tablet, but recoil in horror when the only undo level is a splodge of white-out.

Enjoy the 35-minute visit to his studio! And keep an eye out for the Happy Mutant you see below—we'll be auctioning them for a good cause soon. Read the rest

3M Gel Wrist Rest $11


The bones in the heel of my hand start aching after a few minutes if I don't have support under them. Ive tried several different pads, and the 3M Gel Wrist Rest is my favorite. It has just the right amount of squish to it. It's on sale at Amazon for just $11. Read the rest

Air Bonsai: mysterious floating trees for your home


Air Bonsai are mag-lev Bonsai trees that float spookily over their elaborate, Japanese-designed pots. Prices start at $800 and go way, way up. The plants are real—you can even transplant your favorite to the setup—and most of the materials traditional. Read the rest

Leica's underwater compact camera good but ugly


Leica's X-U is waterproof to 49 feet, drop-proof, and costs less than $3,000: a relatively cheap entry in the fancy camera-maker's legendary lineup. Sean O'Kane reviews it at The Verge. Read the rest

Deluxe Snorting Kit is not for cocaine

x 2016-01-22 at 12.55.23 PM

Described literally as "Deluxe Snorting Kit - Not For Cocaine," this olfactory equipment will enable hours of snorting pleasure.

But not, however, if you are snorting cocaine.

Mike Wehner found this and several more items on Amazon that are certainly not for snorting cocaine. Read the rest

LED jump rope shows fitness data in thin air


Smart Rope [via] is an "LED-embedded jump rope that displays your fitness data in mid-air as you work out." The four characters it creates appear even in bright rooms and it has handles that look like sleek, high-end vibrators. If you have a smartphone, it all hooks up and you can track the data and do whatever else fitness gadget people do with their apps. It costs $90 and comes in silver, gold and black, with various rope length options.

Here's some footage illustrating (if perhaps not depicting) the LEDs in action…

Here's the ad: Read the rest

Howto: make your own fantastically detailed Star Trek: TOS bridge playset


David Weiberg handed down his childhood set of Star Trek: original series action figures to his eight-year-old son, and then the two of them built a fantastically detailed, correctly scaled replica of the original Enterprise's bridge to go with them. Read the rest

Griefer hacks baby monitor, terrifies toddler with spooky voices


Remember how, back in September 2015, researchers revealed that virtually every "smart" baby-monitor they tested was riddled with security vulnerabilities that let strangers seize control over it, spying on you and your family? Read the rest

I love this super-bright minimalist LED lantern, and will use it to survive the apocalypse


I've lived in California long enough to have experienced some big earthquakes, and plenty of power outages from big storms like the ones predicted for the current El Niño season. Plus, nuclear attack, alien invasion, and zombie Armageddon are all possibilities we all have to live with. When shit gets real, you're gonna need light.

Read the rest

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