The true story of Diablo II, legendary action RPG

Diablo II claimed hundreds of hours of my life. I'll never get them back, but I had a great time losing them. Enjoy the oral history of one of the most enduring and popular action RPGs of all time.

Designer Erich Schaefer:

No regrets. It ruined a lot of lives, but it was worth it.

I'm wedded to the belief that a lot of Diablo II's magic is in its "aesthetic completeness." Every element—design, art, music, pace, tone—are polished to perfection and add up to a perfectly gloomy gothic world. Even its self-seriousness and irony levels are dialed-in just right, avoiding the inherent Hot Topic-ness that afflicts many similar things. Read the rest

Line Square Dot: simple and excellent collision game


Line Square Dot (LSD) is a wonderfully minimalist and quite addictive collision JavaScript game by Franz Enzenhofer. Read the rest

Skullcandy SLYR gaming headset

Skullcandy SLYR Xbox One - Black/Green

The headset that came with my Xbox One was chewed by a dog. This Skullcandy SLYR is a fantastic step up!

Read the rest

Sushi Go - know which sushi to keep and which to hand off with this cute fast-moving card game


Something about the name Sushi Go had me hesitant to take the game seriously. It landed in my game closet over a year ago and remained untouched. Then last week my family wanted to play something new, so I finally ripped open the Sushi Go’s plastic wrap and broke out the super cute cards. And good thing I did!

Sushi Go is a fun, fast-moving card game that keeps you on your toes as you choose a card from your hand and then pass the rest to the player on your left (receiving a new hand from the player on your right). The goal is to score the most points by strategically collecting groups of sushi (or a piece of sushi and a spot of wasabi to dip it in) while working to block your opponents from collecting what they need. Each type of sushi has a different value, which is listed at the bottom of the card. For instance, egg nigiri is worth one point per card, while sashimi is worth ten points for every three you collect. Make sure to collect as much pudding as you can, since the person with the least amount of dessert at the end of a round will lose six points.

Although two people can play, it’s much better with three to five players. And you can play a game (which consists of three rounds) in around fifteen minutes, making it perfect for anyone on-the-go who needs a quick game fix.

Sushi Go by Gamewright Ages 7-100, 2-5 players $11 Buy a copy on Amazon

See more photos at Wink Fun. Read the rest

Campaign to fund movie about the inventor of the game Operation


Tim Walsh says: "As you may have heard, last October my friend Peggy Brown and I created a Crowdfunding campaign to help the inventor of Operation, John Spinello, pay for oral surgery he couldn’t afford. Because of lots of amazing people, John recently had his first oral surgery! John’s spirit and positive attitude are absolutely contagious. Despite the raw deal he struck in 1964, when he sold his patent for $500 and forfeited his right to royalties on Operation – which went onto sell over 45 million copies – he’s not at all bitter. Instead, he focuses on the joy his game has given to so many millions of kids and families.

"A funny thing happened on the way to helping out our fellow inventor and friend: We fell in love with the guy! And we weren’t the only ones. Our campaign invited people to write to John and share their stories with him. He received over 2,500 notes of thanks and encouragement. Some of the email came from nurses, doctors and surgeons. They wrote to thank John for inventing a game that inspired them to enter the medical field. John’s story of validation and recognition after a 50 year wait is amazing. He learned that the game he invented has touched many more people, in many more ways, than he could have ever imagined. This is our film: Buzz Heard ‘Round the World: The Inventor of Operation and the Power of Play! We’re halfway through filming. Peggy and I have $25,000 of our own money into the production." Read the rest

Play a digital version of a lost "perception-altering" Freemasonry board-game

Jason writes, "'The Bafflement Fires' is a digital recreation of a Freemason board game from the 1950s." Read the rest

Windows 10 EULA: Microsoft can killswitch your unauthorized hardware and pirate games

When you click through the Windows 10 "agreement," you agree to let Microsoft subject your games and hardware to authenticity tests and to shut down anything it doesn't like the looks of. Read the rest

Behold: the kraken D20!

It's a 3D printed D20 studded with questing tentacles, made to order in a wide spectrum of metals and plastics. (via Geeks Are Sexy) Read the rest

3D printed chess set where each piece holds a tiny plant


After this Bauhaus-inspired pattern from XYZ Workshop is downloaded and printed, each chess piece is designed as a mini-planter. Read the rest

Twitter combines everything in man's inventory to help him escape pit


Dinosaur Comics creator Ryan North found himself stuck in a skateboarding pit with his dog, Chompsky, an umbrella, a leash, a t-shirt, and a pocket computer. To escape, he played Twitter like a text adventure. Read the rest

Watch: How "oldschool" computer graphics worked back in the eighties

In part one of a series, the limitations of color on eighties-era computers and early game consoles like NES and Commodore 64.

Mad Max: Fury Road GoKart Paintball War, in 4K

We say yes to this. We would ride it all the way to Valhalla.

Read the rest

Capcom puts kibosh on fan remake—and will do the job itself


Having confirmed their own plans to publish an updated version of classic survival horror game Resident Evil 2, Capcom's asked a fan-led effort (nicely) to put theirs to bed. Read the rest

Exotic polyhedra: RPG dice made from carbon fiber, marble, bourbon barrels

Beyond wolly mammoth ivory dice, a whole multiverse of polyhedra cast and carved from exotic woods, metals and stranger substances still, from Artisan Dice.

There's carbon fiber dice, white marble, gator jawbones (combined with resin for added resilience); bourbon barrel staves and more.

But they don't have my favorite high-ticket D20: the one made from sky-metal.

Just remember: if you don't shame your dice, they'll never learn.

Drool-worthy dice for discerning rollers [Michael Franco/Cnet] Read the rest

The market for rare and vintage console video games is booming, thanks to two odd resources


CNN Money investigates the crazed market for the video games of yore, fueled by the likes of RetroLiberty, a YouTube channel about finding vintage video games at swap meets or parking lot deals, and Videogamesnewyork, a shop specializing in vintage game gear from the last century. Read the rest

Oolite is a modern version of Elite (without the Dangerous part)


If you find Elite: Dangerous a too-contemporary spin on the space-trading theme, try Oolite, inspired directly by the original 8-bit masterpiece. Read the rest

See the original notebook sketches for Pac-Man


Pac-Man's creator Toru Iwatani shows his original notebook sketches from the iconic arcade game that turned 35 this year. Read the rest

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