Watch Minecraft become holographic in Microsoft Hololens E3 demo


Amazing gameplay footage: Minecraft through the Hololens. The VR demo from Microsoft executive Sax Persson today at the annual E3 games convention completely transforms the experience of Minecraft.

Microsoft acquired Minecraft Maker Mojang for $2.5 billion last year.

From PopSci:

“This is a live demo, with real working code,” Persson said, before donning the HoloLens and projecting a Minecraft map onto a wall, and then a table onstage. Microsoft announced Minecraft would be a main attraction of the HoloLens earlier in the year, but this is the first working demo the company has shown to the public.

Viewers were able to see Persson’s augmented reality through a “special camera” outfitted to show the HoloLens display in real time, as he played the game on the wall with an Xbox controller.

Persson then walked over to the table, said, “create world,” and watched as the Minecraft world poured onto the table. This was met with perhaps the loudest applause of Microsoft’s presentation, as he continued to use voice commands and gestures to manipulate the world. The virtual projection constrained itself to the edges of the table well, and the camera was able to look inside of structures by moving through the virtual walls.

No HoloLens release date yet.

More at Boing Boing's OFFWORLD: “The only things you really need to know about Microsoft's E3 press event

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Super Mario mugs

Mario Pipe Mugs: half-price at Thinkgeek: ($6.49). (via Geekymerch) Read the rest

Kate Milford's Greenglass House: lyrical, tense YA mystery

Kate Milford made a name as a young adult writer able to tap into a rich Bradburian vein of lyricism with the Boneshaker -- now she shows us that she's an expect mystery writer as well, in Greenglass House, an illustrated middle-grades novel that will keep you guessing.

Cthulhu Dice – Curse your opponents before you lose all your marbles and go insane


The Cthulhu Mythos is turned into a game of dice in Steve Jackson's Cthulhu Dice. The demonically beating heart of the game is a large, beautiful, and gem-like 12-sided die covered in Cthulhu-related runes. Each rune has a different effect in making one person or another go insane (or taking some of their insanity away from them). Players take turns choosing someone to curse and then casting the die against them. Every player has a stash of Sanity Tokens (little glass disks), a.k.a. “marbles,” and when you've lost all of your marbles, you go insane. But this is a game from the world of H.P. Lovecraft, so you're still not out of the game. Insane players continue to play just to try and drive other players mad. The goal of the game is to be the last sane Cthulhu Cultist standing. If everyone goes rubber room bonkers, Cthulhu wins.

Cthulhu Dice is very easy to learn and especially fun to play in situations where you want the social interaction of gaming, but don't want to play a long game, or you don't want to be tremendously engaged in the game you're playing. People always talk about “beer and pretzels” games, well this is a game you could actually play in a boisterous bar or as a sort of palate cleaner between main attraction games at a gaming night.

Cthulhu Dice Steve Jackson Games Ages 10 and up, 2-6 players $7 Buy one on Amazon

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Spot It! is a fun game where you try to match the most pictures

Spot It! is a fun matching game that anyone can enjoy. It’s easy to play – just flip over a card and start spotting. Find the matching picture between your card and the card in the middle – there’s always a match. Whoever spots a matching picture first wins the card. When the deck is gone, count your cards to see who has the most. The spotter with the most cards wins. Fun, right?! And that’s just one of the many ways to play. I love how this game sharpens your sense and reflexes. Spot It is a favorite in our family, especially on road trips – it keeps everyone entertained! – Alyse Thompson

Spot It! Blue Orange Ages 7 and up, 2-8 players $10 Buy one on Amazon

See sample pages from this book at Wink. Read the rest

Long-delayed game The Last Guardian reportedly under new management

Mark Cerny, the system architect behind Playstation 4, is said to have been put in charge of finishing Sony's all-but-legendary project, described by Leigh as the lost game of a microgeneration.
The Last Guardian has had a rocky few years. Although Sony has repeatedly said the project won’t be abandoned, and that if it were we would hear about it, but did also say it wasn’t going to talk about the project until it was close to its final form.

Team ICO Leader Fumito Ueda left Sony, although he stayed on The Last Guardian as a contractor. There were rumours that other Sony studios had been called in to try and help Team ICO push through publicly acknowledged technical difficulties.

In the interim, the project has been significantly reworked. It now seems absolutely certain that The Last Guardian will be a PS4 game, meaning Team ICO skipped an entire console generation – assuming it ever releases.

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UK regulators investigate games that rip-off kids


The games targeted by the investigation have not been named, reports the BBC, but are three among many. Read the rest

Cute photo: Pac-Man Ghosts drive MINI Coopers


Excellent marketing at a Jacksonville, Florida MINI dealership. Possibly promo for the forthcoming film Pixels. Either way, delightful. (via Reddit) Read the rest

How big is the Minecraft universe?


Very big. Huge. MASSIVE. Read the rest

Dragon's Lair running on a Sinclair ZX81


The ZX81 was a remarkably inexpensive home computer released in the early 80s, notable for the charm of its low-end tech and the expertise required to glean even limited results. Read the rest

Are you a member of The Oregon Trail Generation, the last before mainstream social media?

maxresdefault (1)
You have died of Snapchat.

Refrigerator full of Super Nintendo Jurassic Park cartridges could be yours


It's on eBay for $1,500, but the seller is entertaining offers. "No questions or answers have been posted about this item." [via @toastmaster]

Just in time for the new Jurassic World (Jurassic Park) movie that is coming out, you can have your very own refrigerator full of Snes Jurassic Park carts!! There are just about 300 Jurassic Park carts including a handful of CIB copies and a PAL version CIB. I will also include the schlue of other Jurassic Park games: gameboy CIB, Sega Genesis, Sega CD, Sega Saturn CIB copies. Also have a CIB Jurassic Park 2 and sealed JP 2 for snes that will be included. And a laser disk movie for kicks and giggles. Fridge and Bacardi not included

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Blizzard bans 100,000 Warcraft players

They were all running mods that let them automate away the tedious grinding that is so integral to the way that MMOs incentivize players to devote thousands of hours to their products. Read the rest

Garbage Cat accurately simulates the one great pleasure of being a cat

Ruining human sleep. Will Herring created this 5-minute browser game in honor of his "garbage cat." Read the rest

Iphone game that challenges you to not look at your Iphone

To play B-Social, you turn the app on, and choose how long you want to ignore your phone. Unlock the screen before your time's up and you lose that round. Read the rest

Suspend – hang rods from a balancing sculpture without letting the pieces fall

Suspend is a fun, simple yet challenging game in the same family as Pick Up Sticks or Jenga, except you don’t pick up and you don’t remove and stack. Instead, you hang. Players divide metal grooved rods with colorful rubber tips between each other and then take turns balancing them, creating an attractive Calder-style sculpture in the process. With each hang the player must be careful not to disrupt the balance of the swaying sculpture and send rods crashing to the table, otherwise they must add all of the fallen rods to their pile. The first player to get rid of all of their rods wins the game.

After a few games everyone in my family mastered the balancing act, making the game less challenging, until we realized we were playing it the easy way, allowing each rod to hang from two of its grooves (lying across two other rods) instead of one. Once we modified this rule the game became more challenging and impossible to outsmart. Suspend comes with beginner, intermediate (uses a die) and advanced (uses die and points) rules, making Suspend an entertaining game for both kids and adults.

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Ne'er-do-well player 'executed' in Guild Wars 2


A player of an online game was so good at cheating it became a problem for others in the online world of Guild Wars 2. So they gathered evidence of his exploits, made a case to the developers, and earned justice. Read the rest

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