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This Gaming Life free online

Jim Rossignol's splendid book, This Gaming Life, is now available to read in full online. A "rumination on the personal, sociological and even political impact of videogames," Joel Johnson gave it a good review at BBG. Wired liked it too! [Umich via Jim Rossignol] (Buy it at Amazon)

Cockatiel appears to sing themes from various video games

cockatiel.jpgI watched every single video in this guy's YouTube channel of his cockatiel singing themes from various video games, and can't figure out if it's a miracle or a hoax. I have never kept a cockatiel as a pet, but have kept other exotic birds, and I have a hard time buying that it's not faked. But either way, I enjoyed.

Cockatiel sings Theme of Chocobo (Final Fantasy)
(blackwhite810, thanks Joe Sabia)

Update: Most commenters thinks it's real. I am a jaded internetter, but okay, I'll go with the popular vote. Cockatiels are amazing and life is a miracle!

Cartoon about Angry Birds mobile game

I enjoyed this whimsical cartoon for a mobile catapult physics game called Angry Birds. Should I pay $1.99 to get it from the iPhone apps store?

Review: Serenity Gaming PC

system.serenity.jpgPuget Systems makes old-school boutique tower PCs for gamers. The last time I looked at one, it brought performance, heft, multiple video cards, and coolant tubing packed into a giant enclosure. It also came with something else: noise. Wired puts it so: performs like a Ferrari, sounds like a Mack Truck. Its latest, the Serenity gaming PC, fixes it for who hate the hum. On the outside, it's a classy, if nondescript Antec case. Inside, however, it's calmed with acoustic foam panels, dampered screws and other vibration-reducing handiwork. And while Puget's online configurator lets you change most components, it defaults to selections tested for quiet operation. The result is a pleasing murmur, if not complete silence -- the optical drive spinning up is by far the loudest thing in it.

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