Taiwanese Animators tackle the Gawker situation


The legendary Taiwanese Animators boil down the chaos over at Gawker, which fired a lurid expose of an undeserving media executive at an internet that's grown tired of that sort of thing.

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Hulk Hogan allowed "one plain bandana" in Gawker sex tape trial


According to The Tampa Bay Times, Circuit Judge Pamela Campbell said on Monday that she will permit Hulk Hogan one "plain bandana" during his trial against Gawker for posting excerpts from a secretly-taped sex video. "This is not going to be a carnival," she said several times. Read the rest

Every tabloid wants to die for its virtues


You may have heard that a lawsuit targeting Gawker, over its posting of a Hulk Hogan sex tape, is going to trial, and that Gawker may have a long and unpleasant fight ahead of it. The Awl explains it best: in numbers! Read the rest

$200k raised to buy claimed video of Toronto Mayor smoking crack

Gawker hit its target with hours to spare, but have already warned readers that the ne'er-do-wells in possession of the alleged evidence might not be willing or able to do business. In that case, the funds will go to charity. Previously. Read the rest

Scientists tell Gawker, "It's probably okay to eat your own poop"

They aren't saying you should do it. There's really no reason to. (Even fecal transplants are done in a much less disgusting manner.) But if, for whatever reason, you were to ingest your own poop, you probably won't get sick and die from it. Somebody else's poop, on the other hand, is more risky. So, glad we got that cleared up. Read the rest