Digital Wizard hoodie uses LEDs, speakers & accelerometers to "cast spells"

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The $120 Digital Wizard hoodie started out as a 2012 April Fool's prank, but as with other Thinkgeek April Fools products, it proved so popular that they went ahead and made it. Read the rest

Concrete Park: apocalyptic, afrofuturistic graphic novel of greatness

I learned about Concrete Park from Calvin Reid, the pioneering comics critic/reviewer who chaired a panel with Scott McCloud and me at the Miami Book Fair last month; Calvin called it the best new afrofuturistic comic he'd read, and I rushed out to get my own copy.

The new world of packaging design: green, communicative, tailored


A new book, Material Innovation: Packaging Design, written by a material science consultant and a design consultant, explores the ways that packaging is being changed by innovations in retail, materials, design, and marketing. Read the rest

Top your tree with Baphomet, Cthulhu or Krampus


They're from Middle of Beyond (who make the bigfoot and Krampus sweaters). $20 each, 8" tall: Krampus, Cthulhu, or Baphomet. (via Christian Nightmares) Read the rest

Solo: Hope Larson's webcomic of rock-n-roll, romance, and desperation


On Saturday, I stopped in at the incredible Comc Arts LA indie comics fest and came away with a staggering double-load of amazing funnybooks, and the standout from that wonderful haul is Hope Larson's "Solo." Read the rest

Star Wars planetary drinking glasses


Thinkgeek has extended its solar system drinking glasses with a new link of six 10oz Star Wars glasses that symbolize six of the Lucas mythos's most important celestial bodies: Alderaan, Dagobah, Hoth, Tatooine, Endor, and the Death Star (natch). Read the rest

Wink 2015 Holiday Gift Guide: Cheapies but goodies under $20


Already into our first week of December, the holiday month flies by about as fast as the bills spill out of our wallets. But fear not! Wink Books and Wink Fun have some extraordinary gift ideas ($3-$19!) that won’t bust your budget. (For less budget-minded ideas, you can also check out Gareth Branwyn’s 2015 gift list.) Read the rest

Urban Transport Without the Hot Air: confusing the issue with relevant facts!

Steven Melia's Urban Transport Without the Hot Air joins Drugs Without the Hot Air, Sustainable Materials With Both Eyes Open and Sustainable Energy Without the Hot Air as a highly readable, evidence-based look at a contentious and politicised area that offers a refreshing dose of facts in a debate dominated by ideology.

Ifixit repair kits: everything you need to fix everything


Ifixit produce open repair guides for everything imaginable, in a variety of languages, and help sustain a global community of independent repairers who divert electronics from e-waste dumps and keep poor and marginalized people connected to their work, school and families. Read the rest

Never Goodnight: a Swedish punk Peanuts

In 1982, Coco Moodysson was a 12 year old punk in Sweden, along with her best friend and her best friend's sister. They gave themselves spiky haircuts, started a band called Off to the Alps, wrote a song called "Ecco Shoes" and demanded that the adults in their lives take them seriously.

Molly Crabapple's memoir DRAWING BLOOD: preview and a giveaway


Read the rest

Wink 2015 Holiday gift guide: Gareth Branwyn’s picks


Over at Wink (the books and fun stuff reviews site my wife Carla edits) our friend Gareth Branwyn has selected a number of cool things he recommends as holiday gifts. There are games, mind expanders, and tools. I want the Pro Studio Hobby Brushes (above). Read the rest

Folding coffin sofa


This $10,000 coffin sofa was created by Etsy goth outfitter Von Erikson: it's available with purple, red or black upholstery. (via Marxist Barbie) Read the rest

Boing Boing Gift Guide 2015

It's that time of year again! Welcome to Boing Boing's 2015 Gift Guide, where you'll find toys, books, gadgets and many other splendid ideas to humor and harry your friends and family! Scroll down and buy things, mutants!

Sponsor shout-out: ShanaLogic's solar system necklace


A special holiday thank you to our long time sponsor Shanalogic! Shanalogic is a curated shop of handmade and independently produced gifts, many of which we own and love! Check out this fantastic Solar System Necklace!

Galactic Fashion!

We are in love with this geek chic solar system necklace by Sandra Juodgalviene that features all nine planets (yup, we said nine: *waves to pluto*). Each vibrant and highly detailed planet is placed under a glass dome and sits inside of a gorgeous antiqued brass setting. They all hang lightly side by side on an antiqued brass chain, creating a really pretty statement piece that we guarantee you'll love!

Perfect for the star gazer, science buff or anyone who loves space!

ShanaLogic offers tons more celestial fashion, as well as a fantastic holiday gift guide!

Thanks, Shana! Read the rest

Save on Guy Fawkes and War Boy bandannas and lockpick earrings


Matthew Borgatti, purveyor of such Boing Boing favorites as the Guy Fawkes Bandanna, the War Boy Bandanna, and the Lockpick Earrings, offers you your choice of his wares at at 20% discount, with the coupon code "jackhammerjill." Read the rest

Holiday Makies: careers & outfits for the dolls you design!

Screenshot 2015-11-24 at 16.10.56
Boing Boing readers already know about MakieLab, the startup where my friends and I make 3D printed, customizable dolls called Makies.

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