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WATCH: Glassmaster Paul Stankard on glassblowing artistry

Paul Stankard's impossibly beautiful handblown glass pieces look impossible to create. In Beauty Beyond Nature, he discusses the craft while working in his studio.

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Radioactive glassware and the collectors who love it


Collectors Weekly has a great gallery and profile of uranium-infused glassware from the early 20th century. They ask experts: is it safe, and why does it glow under UV light?

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The psychedelic glass art of Mike Gong: 'Acid Eater' will make you lose your marbles


Artist Mike Gong creates detailed, psychedlic designs inside hand-formed glass marbles. Shown here, his 'Acid Eaters' series.

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New Disruptors 57: Through a Glass Brightly with Abhi Lokesh

Take a picture and put it under glass, but not quite the way you think. The folks at Fracture have a built a business that connects several different technologies into one new way to make large-format photos printed on glass suitable for hanging. Today I talk to Abhi Lokesh, one of Fracture's founders, about the journey from a small village in Africa to a whizz-bang printing and distribution company.

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A year with Google Glass

Mat Honan, for Wired: "I wanted to wear Google Glass during the birth of our second child. My wife was extremely unreceptive to this idea when I suggested it. Angry, even. But as we got a bit closer to the date, she began to warm to it and eventually landed somewhere in the neighborhood of bemused hostility."

Anatomical glass sculptures from MRI/CT scans


Fine artist Angela Palmer takes CT/MRI scanner of people and animals, engraves the data onto thin glass sheets that are then combined into 3D sculptures. Recently, she's used the same technique to reproduce data from the Kepler telescope too.

"Angela Palmer: Life Lines"

"Kepler: Goldilocks" (NASA)

Slowmo shattering of Prince Rupert's Drop glass

Prince Rupert's Drops are unusual glass objects made by dripping molten glass into water. The exterior is very compressed while the interior is under great tension. You can hammer on the head of a drop and it won't break but if you barely wiggle the tail, the whole thing explosively shatters. It's particularly amazing in super-slow motion.

Blown-glass medical models

NewImage If you loved me, you'd buy me this all-glass complete brain artery model from Farlow Scientific Glassblowing. It's $4,000. At least I didn't ask for the full-body complete artery model!