Authentic early American eyewear

I've had these beautiful antique glasses for well over a decade. Retrospecs & Co., the folks who sold them to me, have also taken fantastic care of getting me lenses, and an upgrade, over the many years. Read the rest

On the proper care and feeding of horn-rimmed glasses

I had no idea I was supposed to be treating my horn rimmed glasses with special care. Over time, my favorite pair developed a lovely patina, and moulded to fit me. Little did I know, I was letting them go to waste.

For years our Xeni has been discovering amazing glasses shop(s), places where they craft the most fantastical frames out of rare and precious unobtanium. Every time I am headed to LA I get a message like "FANCY FRAME SHOP, LETS GO!" but I've managed to cling to my doddering old time-y, round horn rimmed glasses.

I like how horn feels. I like how horn looks. Each pair has a distinct pattern, and texture, there is grain in the bone, and while artisans are able to bend and turn the bone into shapes that fit our faces, the bone will always be a natural, biologically created material and have a life of its own.

Because of this fact, I should have expected that care for the horn rims would be more than just "wear them." Over time sunlight, water, sweat, heat, and dry conditions will all take their toll on bone. My favorite pair had expanded and dried out enough times that the grain was pretty easy to feel and the glasses lost all their shine. Like all things, wearing them motorcycling added extra abuse -- 100s of hours inside a helmet did them no favors.

Wipe your horn rim glasses down with mineral oil or vitamin E oil once every 3 months or so. Read the rest

Kickstarting Reflectacles: super-reflective glasses-frames that look amazing

Scott Urban's new Reflectacles glasses are Ray Ban-style frames that are embedded with the kind of retroreflective cat-eye materials used for highway markers, making them reflective at 500 yards at night, and nearly that visible by day. He's kickstarting them at an astoundingly cheap $85/pair, in seven colors.

18 microfiber cleaning cloths for $8

My glasses are always a mess, and I am always scrounging around in my car or pockets for a cloth to clean them. This 18 pack of excellent micro fiber cleaning cloths will last me for months.

These are also just fine for cleaning camera lenses, my iPhone or laptop screens.

I will, however, lose them all and need to buy another. Luckily, they are pretty cheap.

18 Microfiber Cleaning Cloths - For Cell Phones, Laptops, Tablets, Glasses, Spectacles, Silverware, and Delicate Surfaces via Amazon Read the rest

Google Glass demo video

This promotional video apparently demonstrates the Google Glass experience.

HOWTO make irising papercraft glasses

If there's one thing I love, it's irising mechanisms. And if there's another thing I love, it's thick-framed glasses. That's two things I love, and as you've probably guessed, there's someone who's combined 'em. Instructables user art.makes will show you how to brew up a pair of these beauties in seven moderately complex steps.

(via Make) Read the rest