Golden Globe nominations announced, predictable and safe as usual

Every year, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association announces its nominees for the Golden Globe Awards, the junior prom that takes place in the high school gym to the Academy Awards' senior prom that takes place in a fancy banquet hall. And every year, there is something to be annoyed or confused about. This year is no exception, especially in the television categories, unless you think Best Comedy or Musical nominee Smash is a better show than Community or Veep, and Best Drama nominee The Newsroom was better than Mad Men. (Even though both Mad Men and The Walking Dead were pretty inconsistent last season, despite some truly golden moments. Cheers, non-nominee Jared Harris.) At least the movie categories were a little easier to stomach. Top nominees this year: Lincoln, Django Unchained, and Argo. Read the full list of nominees at the official site of the Golden Globes, which will air Sunday, January 13 at 8:00 PM (Eastern) on NBC. (via The Golden Globes) Read the rest

The smartest person alive got Tina Fey and Amy Poehler to host the Golden Globes

It was announced last night that the most brilliant decision in show business was made: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will be the hosts of the 70th Golden Globes telecast on January 13! They'll take over for Ricky "I Triple Dog Dare You to Ask Me to Host Again and Be Nice to the Famous People" Gervais, who has hosted the show for the past three years. Fey and Poehler, both accomplished in their own rights, have proven they work great as a team after co-anchoring Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live as well as co-starring in Baby Mama. I predict exactly one joke about "globes" before moving on to less obvious things to joke about. (via Rolling Stone) Read the rest