Best way to start a charcoal barbecue

I tried using a gas barbecue for a couple of years. I like charcoal grills much more. The food tastes better. And instead of using starter fluid, I use this Weber Rapidfire Chimney Starter ($15 on Amazon). I've had it since 2013. After four years, it's showing some signs of rust but is perfectly serviceable. To use it, you crumple a couple of sheets of newspaper and put it in the bottom chamber, and fill the top chamber with charcoal pieces or charcoal briquettes. Light the newspaper with a match and let it go to work. In about 20-30 minutes you'll have glowing coals. Pour them into the grill and start cooking. Read the rest

Watch Adam Savage test the best way to sear a steak

Adam Savage ha taught me a lot about cooking. In this video from Tested, he learns about grilling steaks.

Summer is here, and it's time for some food science! We team up with Serious Eats' Managing Culinary Director J. Kenji López-Alt to test for an ideal way to sear a steak. Adam and Kenji discuss some misconceptions about steak searing, and test four searing methods at different temperatures.

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How I grilled the best steaks I've ever eaten

It's been nearly a year since I moved from London to Burbank, and in that time, I've been slowly iterating through various online tutorials to be better at charcoal grilling, something I had almost no experience with when I got here. Read the rest

Review: Pimping my Char-Broil TRU-Infrared grill with a rotisserie robot, and all the fixins

Boing Boing's barbecue gadget reviewer found a good, cheap grill on Amazon. But which add-ons, like an automated rotisserie, are worth buying? He investigates and tells all, right after this bite of chicken.