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Cube-shaped dogs were all the rage at the Tokyo dog show in Japan


Like dogs stepping right out of a Minecraft realm, these boxy canine cube cuts were the trend this year at a Tokyo dog show. Grooming has never been so fashion-forward!





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Urinal mint-scented soap

Other manly scents available from ManHands' Etsy store include leather, cash and bacon. [via Uncrate]

Switching to a straight razor

I stared, face lathered up, sweat dripping, hand shaking, into the fogging mirror in my bathroom almost every day for over 2 weeks before I built up the courage to actually put the 4" razor to my face and take a swipe.

The fact that I hadn't shaved on any regular basis for any period in my life because of the bloody mess that inevitably ensued didn't help matters, but mostly I was just afraid of slicing my jugular wide open and being mocked after my death for as the idiot who even attempted this in the first place. I took a deep breath and went for it.

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X-Wing fighter in beard

This is Chad Roberts, who wins the Internet today with a Star Wars X-Wing beard.


Shaving with a shovel

A Russian tabloid features the story of Nizhny Novgorod Alexander Karpenko, who taught himself to shave with a shovel (also a hatchet and a pair of scissors), inspired by his grandad's stories of shaving with a shovel in wartime.

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